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Kitchen Trends That Stay

Kitchens are places where you whip up your meals each day so making sure that its interiors are bright and airy, and going the extra mile to make it user friendly is absolutely sensible. But you want to revamp it with designs that stay. Afterall, renovating can cost big bucks. What are some evergreen kitchen […]

Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condominium

Renodots article- Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condo

Neutrals like grey’s can do a lot to bring calm and serenity in a home as opposed to the calamity of the world outside. At Renodots, we are going against the grain. We’d like to introduce three 2-bedroom condominiums that are decked in stylish but timeless grey, a colour palette you might want to introduce […]

Closed or Open Concept Kitchen – Which One Is For You?

Renodots article- Closed or Open Concept Kitchens - Which One Is For You_

First things first, what is the meaning of closed or open concept kitchens? An open-concept kitchen is one that is exposed to the living spaces in your home. It has no walls to separate it from the rest of the house. For most open-concept homes, you can view the kitchen once you step into the […]

A BTO with Modern elements to reflect an urban lifestyle.

Renodots article- Exqsite A BTO with Modern elements to reflect an urban lifestyle

Here, we look at a unit at Bukit Batok designed by the professionals at Exqsite. The owner was looking to fuse modern elements with a touch of culture. However, they do not want something sterile-looking that some home designs in magazines look like. The homeowners wanted the home interior to reflect their lifestyle.  When they […]

Ways To Designing An Industrial Chic Home

If you have always yearned for an industrial look inspired by interior magazines of New York industrial designed lofts, you can recreate that look in your HDB flat and it isn’t difficult at all. The only consideration you may have would be installing and maintaining cement screed flooring in your home. Although cement screed gives […]

4 different interior styles you can actually own


How many times do you browse a beautiful home reno design and say “Oooh, this is nice, I want it,” but it is either unachievable for your space, or will likely burn a hole in your budget? Today, you will be viewing four different interior styles by Key Concepts. Each one presents a different theme […]

Balcony Inspirations That Will Make You Use The Space More Often

The purpose of balconies has not changed much since it made its debut more than two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. Today, it is still used to improve air circulation and enhance natural light into the living space. Now that there are more apartments and condominiums around, balconies are a desired extension to any […]

4-room HDB inspiration – Inspired by Minimalism

Do you ever check out celebrity homes and dream that one day, you can own one just like it? So, Kim Kardashian West’s home has been the talk of Hollywood ever since Architectural Digest did a house tour over at their home. Some people think it is like a shrine, others love how minimalist it […]

Interior Design Ideas- Liveable Chic Homes

What makes a house a home? Is it the interior design? The colour scheme? Or the reflection of the owner’s personality onto its surroundings? We think it is the way a home makes people feel when they are in it. That is why we dedicate time to talk about interior design ideas day in and […]

Simple Ways To Create Your Home Office

Times are changing. As we adjust (and continue to adjust) to this new normal, having a home office is not just a luxury, it is becoming a necessity. However, you do not need to do a major overhaul to one of your rooms to recreate a home office. Furniture rearrangement and a few added furnishings […]