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Simple Ways To Create Your Home Office

Times are changing. As we adjust (and continue to adjust) to this new normal, having a home office is not just a luxury, it is becoming a necessity. However, you do not need to do a major overhaul to one of your rooms to recreate a home office. Furniture rearrangement and a few added furnishings […]

A home decked in Victorian interior style by SHE Interior

When we saw this interior designed by She Interior, we knew we had to feature it. A mix of Victorian with modern elements, it is not an interior choice we see much these days in Singapore. If you didn’t know, the Victorian interior style borrows many elements from the architectural styles dating from mid to […]

5 Design hacks to a spacious and less cluttered Condominium

Living in condominiums can be fun, especially when you get to design them just the way you want. It’s less fun when you have to clean up thoroughly! If your condominium is rather small, it tends to get cluttered with knick knacks that don’t seem to belong anywhere. It can be quite the eyesore, especially […]

What’s Current: Luxurious White Home by Absolook

When one selects contemporary minimalism as the theme for their interior design, many steer clear from too much white. The tones chosen are usually deep sensual hues that range from ashy brown to sleek black. Whites usually take the back seat and are only used as accents. However, in this four-room resale apartment at 273C […]

Be Inspired by these Four Japanese Styled Homes

Japanese furnishings and interior design are favoured by many who are moving into their new homes. It is all attributed to the simplistic and minimalistic architecture and design. Walking into a Muji store invokes feelings of a neat and fuss-free home, something most of us try to achieve with our already-renovated homes. Today, we present […]

How To Furnish Your Living Space With Wooden Furnishings

Are you thinking of incorporating more wooden textures into your living space? You can start by adding wooden furnishings or introduce wooden flooring into your home. Wooden furniture does not only elevate the aesthetics of your home, it can also absorb and store the carbon dioxide in the air (not a lot but significant enough). […]

6 Ways to Use Fairy Lights for Your Decor

A home makeover does not need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. We are going to look at one of the simplest ways to jazz up the look and feel of your home, especially when night falls – using fairy lights! You can purchase them for really cheap […]

3-Room Resale Flat Renovations to Inspire Your Home Makeover

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No matter how much time and dedication we put into designing our home, there comes a time when we feel the itch to redesign; it may be replacing worn furniture, creating an accent wall, or adding creative lighting to spruce up the place just a little bit. For others, they might find that their tastes […]

Custom-made or Ready-made furniture? Let us help!

Have your dream home – yes, you bought your home, get your keys, and hmm, it is not what it seems. For dreamers out there, you might want a specific type of furniture in your new space. For those who have an eye for colour, you might not get the shade you want for the […]

Budget-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen


Getting bored and tired of your old kitchen façade and thinking about redoing the kitchen to reinvigorate it? Kitchen renovations can take surprisingly long, and rack up a hefty bill, if you’re not too careful. With electrical lines, gas pipes and other potentially dangerous hazards to consider, a simple idea can easily turn chaotic with […]