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Ways to Minimise Clutter and Maximise Space in Your Closet

When you move into your new home, it feels like you are restarting your life. You vow to have minimize clutter and maximize the space in your closet. However, it may not take long for some people to lose that focus. Weekend shopping and online deals make it difficult to retain a neat and tidy […]

Best 5 Ikea’s Small Furniture for Kids Aged 2-6

Are you looking for small furniture for your kids? Designing a toddler’s room beckons bright, inviting colors that represent the bubbling energy in each child. Think splashes of light blue, bright pink, and apple green! Think fuzzy, bouncy beds with animal motifs on them. It can be a whole lot of fun to put together […]

Four Creative Wet And Dry Kitchen Ideas For Your New Home

A wet kitchen is usually a confined space where heavy cooking takes place. Do you do deep-frying of poultry, stir-frying of noodles and rice or boiling of soups and Chinese desserts? These activities are usually done in the wet kitchen because it might be messy if you cook up a storm in an open-concept kitchen. […]

A Luxurious & Sleek Condominium Makeover

A Luxurious & Sleek Condominium Makeover Small but sleek, don’t underestimate what this condominium unit has to offer just because of its small size. Located in prime real estate along East Cost road, the size of the unit may not be as big as another similarly priced in a further district, but for what it […]

Get to Know: Different Functions of Curtains and Blinds

grey curtain for your bedroom

What do you know about dressing your windows? A room without a window feels claustrophobic and stuffy. There is an absence of good air circulation and most people do not like it! To dress the blinds, we often choose between curtains or blinds – sometimes we incorporate both! They are as important as the colours […]

What To Do With The Bomb Shelter In Your HDB Flat?

What To Do With The Bomb Shelter In Your HDB Flat? Bomb shelters were made mandatory as a compulsory feature of HDB flats in 1997 when the Civil Defence Shelter Act was enacted. The bomb shelter is a steel-enforced enclosure installed as a permanent fixture inside the flats with a steel-enforced door. These features may […]

Creative Ideas – Small Space, Big on Storage

Creative Ideas – Small Space, Big on Storage A relaxing muted palette sets this cosy five-room apartment apart from most spaces which usually utilise brighter colours to look more spacious. Space is aplenty here, thanks to clever designs and shelving choices. Delightfully uncluttered, the living room features an earthy colour palette that’s simple, yet stylish. […]

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last Imagine this: You are a proud homeowner (yay!) geared up to shop for a new look for your bathroom and kitchen. You go to your interior designer, who then gleefully spreads out their vast array of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Goodness! So […]

Tips For Your Studio Apartment

Tips For Your Studio Apartment If you’ve got a studio apartment or any other small apartment, you probably are very limited on space. Apartments in Singapore aren’t known to be big, and with the price per square foot, its no wonder smaller and smaller apartments are being sold these days. But if you find your […]

Battle of the kitchen countertops – Quartz Versus KompacPlus

Battle of the kitchen countertops  – Quartz Versus KompacPlus One of the chief spaces in the home is the kitchen. In the kitchen, the surface we are in contact with the most is the kitchen countertop. Though it is not the first thing we notice, it is one piece of furnishing that we rely heavily […]