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With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, many Singaporeans are jostling to get their hands on the best mooncakes. This irresistible delicacy has evolved over the years as fanatics and bakers strive to greater heights, conjuring up a variety of tasty mooncakes, and expanding the range to include different textures and fillings. TRADITIONAL Some people still swear […]

Vanity Organizing Ideas – How to Organize Jewelry and Makeup

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find that specific lip colour or can’t remember where you placed that single pot eye shadow you love? If you love testing new makeup constantly and have too many for your collection, you may have trouble organising your collection. Here are some organisation ideas for your vanity […]

Save the earth, save your money, save electricity!

You are taught in school, you are reminded of by your MP, there is even an entire day (Earth Day – if you’re wondering) dedicated worldwide to remind us – as well as to give us another reason – to conserve energy. There are two main reasons why doing our part in conserving energy is […]

5 cafes in Singapore with extraordinary interiors

Café culture has been on a steady rise for a few years now, in fact, café hopping has become a hobby for enthusiasts to bask in the different ambience each café offers. With modern cafés saturating the market, even hipster cafés have turned mainstream, all sorts of creative concepts can be found. Nowadays, with social […]

Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

Celebrities are just like us. They face skin problems and dry hair. Though some of their methods of achieving perfect features may sound slightly crazy, there are others that are worth giving a try. Here are some celebrity beauty secrets to give a try. Hilary Duff A great makeup hack if you have dry skin. […]

Hair trends in 2017

There are certain haircuts and styles that everyone asks for when the New Year comes around. With the New Year its time for a new do. Here are some trends for you to consider for your next hair appointment. Bardot Bangs Inspired by the style icon of the 1950s and 60s, these bangs are long […]

Under $20 Restaurants and Cafes

All of us want a delicious meal but don’t want to spend half of a day’s earnings. Though we may not be able to find one at $4, we can find places that have good deals under $20. Here are some restaurants and cafes with meals under $20. Saveur Saveur offers affordable, decent French food […]