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Fitbit Charge 4 – Product Review

Have you heard of Fitbit Charge 4 which was recently launched? So how different was it from the previous watches? What are the new functions and how does it look? We got it covered below. Here are the key specifications of Fitbit Charge 4 24/7 heart rate (Track calorie burnt & optimize workouts) Resting heart […]

8 Home Gadgets To Upgrade Your Home Life

With the advancement in technology, cool gadgets are decking every home and this changed people lifestyle in a way. These gadgets are not only creative but they really do solve some big problems faced at home! Let’s check them out below. Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer This is a portable charging station for multiple devices! […]

Ten Oil Diffusers To Make Your Abode Smells Pleasant

If you wish to have a good night sleep or to relax your mind after a long hectic day, aromatherapy is a good solution. Not only does it help one to loosen up, it will also make your home smells good and refreshing. Recently, oil diffusers are in trend as they disperse natural oils into […]

6 Home-made Cleaners That Work Wonders

#1 Scented All-Purpose Cleaner Ingredients: 1/2 cup White vinegar 1 cup Water Lemon Combine all the above ingredients together in a spray bottle. Let it infuse for roughly ONE week before using it. It is a great solution for hard water stains, smudges and clearing odour. However, do not use this on granite material. #2 […]