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Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condominium

Renodots article- Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condo

Neutrals like grey’s can do a lot to bring calm and serenity in a home as opposed to the calamity of the world outside. At Renodots, we are going against the grain. We’d like to introduce three 2-bedroom condominiums that are decked in stylish but timeless grey, a colour palette you might want to introduce […]

4-room HDB inspiration – Inspired by Minimalism

Do you ever check out celebrity homes and dream that one day, you can own one just like it? So, Kim Kardashian West’s home has been the talk of Hollywood ever since Architectural Digest did a house tour over at their home. Some people think it is like a shrine, others love how minimalist it […]

A home decked in Victorian interior style by SHE Interior

When we saw this interior designed by She Interior, we knew we had to feature it. A mix of Victorian with modern elements, it is not an interior choice we see much these days in Singapore. If you didn’t know, the Victorian interior style borrows many elements from the architectural styles dating from mid to […]

Be Inspired by these Four Japanese Styled Homes

Japanese furnishings and interior design are favoured by many who are moving into their new homes. It is all attributed to the simplistic and minimalistic architecture and design. Walking into a Muji store invokes feelings of a neat and fuss-free home, something most of us try to achieve with our already-renovated homes. Today, we present […]

3-Room Resale Flat Renovations to Inspire Your Home Makeover

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No matter how much time and dedication we put into designing our home, there comes a time when we feel the itch to redesign; it may be replacing worn furniture, creating an accent wall, or adding creative lighting to spruce up the place just a little bit. For others, they might find that their tastes […]

5 ways to create a larger space in a compact home

Which of us have not secretly wished for a larger space in our homes? Indeed, it does get difficult to cram all of one’s worldly possessions into a space of 95 square metres (Singapore’s average house size). While it may not always be easy or affordable to buy a bigger space, that does not mean […]

What Makes A Good Property Investment In Singapore?

What Makes A Good Property Investment In Singapore? People in Singapore look at property as many things – a home, a source of rental income, and very often, an investment. Yes, it’s true: buying the right property in Singapore can be very lucrative in the long run. But how do you know a property is […]

How to achieve a minimalist interior for your home

To achieve a minimalist interior for your home

How to achieve a minimalist interior for your home With ever shrinking home sizes, minimalist styled homes are the emerging trend all over the world. With the mentality that “less is more”, this particular style focuses on decluttering, and keeping the homes as functionally sparse as possible. This means no unnecessary decorations, no extra fixtures […]

What’s Current: Luxurious White Apartment

When one selects contemporary minimalism as the theme for their interior design, many steer clear from too much white. The tones chosen are usually deep sensual hues that range from ashy brown to sleek black. Whites usually take the back seat and are only used as accents. However, in this four-room resale apartment at 273C […]

Check Out These Condominium renovations Below $30,000!

Have you gotten your keys to your new Condominium? What will be your main concern in terms of the renovation? Our guess is that budget is the root of the renovation worry. Many people think it will cost approximately (or more than) $50,000. We are here to show you different Condominium renovation projects that is […]