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How To Replicate a Farmhouse Décor Room – Home Interior Styles

how to replicate a farmhouse bedroom

Don’t you love the idea of flouncing onto a springy bed, and listening to the morning birds coo in a bedroom exuding a country vibe of your dreams? Now you don’t have to live in the United States or a farm to replicate a bedroom in farmhouse style. You just have to follow some rules […]

7 Living room ideas to inspire you – Renovation In Singapore

The living room is the place where homeowners entertain guests and so it should serve to impress. On the other hand it is also the place where you and your family lounge and bond, so it should also reflect your lifestyle and be of a certain cosy level. There are many ways to spruce up […]

10 Types of Interior Styles for 2020 – Home Renovation Ideas

The 2010’s are coming to an end soon and a new decade is about to be upon us. This has been a rather inspiring decade in terms of interior design options, we’ve seen a resurgence of older looks and the rise of newer and bolder splashes. From industrial, to modern to some of the more […]

The beautiful Project Of Compassvale Walk

This HDB 5-room flat’s renovation had cost a total of eighty-thousand dollars, and every single cent had been worth the payment. The cost includes carpentry work, flooring, hacking, tiling works and painting. Installation of false ceilings, air-conditioning, electrical wiring and plumbing were included as well. The payment only did not include the cost of furniture, […]

Starry Homestead – A renowned star in its field

STARRY HOMESTEAD A renowned star in its field, Starry Homestead never fails to uplift, surprise and utterly amaze anyone who seeks its interior design expertise. Known for their high-quality designs, professionalism and excellent service, they are definitely a promising contender amongst the hordes of interior design companies striving to distinguish themselves. Having established themselves as […]


Designer: In2pace ID Group Theme: Modern A spacious abode with a high ceiling, this apartment looks simply majestic. From the grand living room to the cozy master bedroom and lovely children’s room, this space is the epitome of luxurious living. A simple yet classy chandelier hangs from the ceiling, providing a warm glow throughout the […]

Live Smart, Live Effortlessly with Somfy

Imagine waking up to a room flooded with light without having to step out of the bed. Or drapes drawn to a position that provides the perfect amount of privacy and shade. No more sleepily tugging at heavy curtains, or fumbling with a tangled mess of strings. Welcome to your smart home – where the […]


Designer: WedaStudio Inc Theme: Contemporary Think ultra-chic and luxurious – this beautiful abode is the ideal home for those who adore the contemporary and sophisticated style. The living room exudes a relaxed and refined ambience with a neutral and modern colour scheme of black, greys, white and brown. A pristine white coffee table sits in […]


Style: Modern-luxury Project By: Letz Interior The design is extraordinary, with an elegant concept and close attention to detail. This graceful abode is undoubtedly perfect for those who prefer the sophisticated modern look. With an exquisite detailing, the living room looks incredibly refined and stylish. An extravagant chandelier hangs on the ceiling, brightening up the room […]

How to Improve Your Home Security

You’ve been thinking of how to improve your home security, but can’t afford a full-blown home monitoring alarm system just yet. That’s alright, because these easy home security steps can help get you started. credit Change Your Locks If you’ve just moved into your new Singapore home, then your first priority should be to change […]