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Make Small Homes Big In Style

Today, many homes are shrinking in size and space is a premium these days. It is an art to turn a small space into a non-claustrophobic cosy space. Adopt some wise approaches and you will be able to transform your small homes into extraordinary spaces that are comfortable to live in. Use The Right Colours […]

Creating a Peaceful & Calm Space – Home Decorating Tips

Some people have very active lifestyles and prefer their homes to be a safe haven and comfort zone. They want it to exude a sense of peace and calm instead of stimulating to the eyes. One easy way to create a tranquil space is to adopt the principles of Zen which see simplicity as beauty. […]

How To Replicate a Farmhouse Décor Room – Home Interior Styles

how to replicate a farmhouse bedroom

Don’t you love the idea of flouncing onto a springy bed, and listening to the morning birds coo in a bedroom exuding a country vibe of your dreams? Now you don’t have to live in the United States or a farm to replicate a bedroom in farmhouse style. You just have to follow some rules […]

Wallpapers Trends for 2020 – Home Furnishing Ideas

Wallpapers are making a comeback in 2020! Wallpapers have been versatile with endless possibilities such as sprucing up ceilings, an accent wall or even your bathroom wall. The trend now is that wallpapers are making an entrance with a big bang, the trending styles are not the weak kind but those that shout their styles […]

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

Although it isn’t even the new year yet, Chinese New Year is just around the corner too. You can probably expect shopping centres and decorations to go from Deck the Halls to Gon Xi Fa Cai overnight given how close these two major celebrations are to one another. With these back-to-back holidays happening this season, […]

The Guide to Perfect Lighting for Every Room in Your Home

Lighting has the ability to make or break a space. The Key to good lighting depends on the type of lighting and bulbs you’ve used and their combination in the room. Unsure which type of lighting goes best with and in which rooms? Fret no more, here are a few tips for you to learn […]

How to Bring That Holiday Vibe Home

The holiday vibes are ending, and if you’re a sucker for overseas travels, coming back home can be something you aren’t looking forward to. So why not bring some of those overseas vibes back home with you? Adding a few select decorative pieces to your home can change the entire mood of your home and […]

How To Wabi-Sabi Like A Pro

For years Minimalism and Scandinavian styles went together hand in hand. With the rise of greater access to affordable Nordic styled furniture, there was no pairing of interior design styles more popular in the last two decades. But as the years went by, Japanese styled minimalism has started an uptrend, not just within Asia, but […]

Make A Splash! Finding That Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Since it often goes unnoticed, few truly realize how important a kitchen backsplash is to their homes. Indeed, despite its unremarkable appearance, the kitchen backsplash plays a pivotal role in protecting your home from water damage, and in giving your kitchen that beautiful finishing touch. This articles is about these silent household heroes, and hopefully, […]