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5 firms that create Contemporary Homes in Singapore

Think contemporary homes in Singapore, think vogue on the runway because they are almost the same thing. One is to dress a home and another, a body. If you are itching to dress your HDB, condominium, or landed property in the latest and “faddest” designs, look no further than these top five design firms in […]

7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

Article _ 7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

When it is hot, it is scorching hot. When it rains, it can go on for days. We may call the weather weird, but the truth is, the earth is going through changes caused by unwise management of our home planet. So what is to be done? It is time to look at how to […]

Best Singapore Interior Designers in the North East

Welcome back to another installation of our interior design series! This time, we’ll explore the North East region of Singapore for the best Singapore interior designers! Keep them in mind for your next remodel! Best Singapore interior designers: Key Concept Pte Ltd Location: 2 Gambas Cres, #06-21, Singapore 757044Phone: 9018 0264Email Address: A young […]

Scandinavian Bathroom Designs To Adopt

The bathroom is where you have your alone time. If your bedroom is a prime space for you, the bathroom is even more essential as it is the place you really wind down – no screens, nobody else – just you taking care of yourself. That is also one reason why bathroom layout and interior […]

Where to Add Built-In Shelving At Home

What makes a house, a home? Other than calling the home a place you are familiar with, we think it is because your home is where all your stuff is. It is not about how decorated a space is, how functional or how beautiful it is – those elements will not cause you to call […]

21st Century Strait Settlement – A Peranakan Interior Design

Peranakan interior design is unique to Penang, Malacca and Singapore, also known as the Straits Settlements during the British colonial era. It consists of a combination of cultures with an infusion of local designs with Feng Shui elements and, in many aspects, the use of European materials. It is possible because these settlements served as […]

Best 10 storage products to get from IKEA under $500

Minimalist home decor items

Any home is prone to mess when you have too many single items scattered around the house. Clutter is inevitable when your house doesn’t have the space designated for each object. The good news is you can still keep your home looking fresh and contemporary while tucking away your things. We’re sorting our top 10 […]

7 common design flaws to avoid in a renovation

Let’s face it: renovations are stressful! After dropping thousands of dollars to make your home better, the last thing you want is to find an annoying flaw in the design! Well, we’re here to help you avoid that. Read on to find out the 7 common design flaws to avoid in a renovation! #1: Over-matching […]

The Many Ways To Use Your Versatile Kitchen Islands

the ways to use your versatile kitchen island

Kitchen islands are important add-ons for home cooks or chefs who value preparing meals efficiently. It can be accessed from multiple angles; a feature that other countertops can’t claim to offer. This raises its value as something essential to the modern kitchen design. True enough, some small homes have begun using just one kitchen island […]