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Finally got a place of your own to call “Home”. What’s next?

Research! Research & more research! Learn to know what are the themes available and what kind of theme you love to have for your place. Lookbook, magazines, guides, interior designers past work, take your time to look through the various themes that they have. Learn what’s the style you like, here’s a quick overlook of […]

Ways to Define Your Living and Dining space

Having a shared living and dining space is becoming the norm for homes these days. With smaller floor space, and a shift towards modern contemporary styling. The advent of shared living and dining space not only eases the space issues in smaller apartments, but it also gives the home a trendy and fashionable look. But […]

Bedroom on a Budget – Furnished for less than $500

With the advent of Ikea, Scandinavian inspired living has become a cornerstone of the interior design world. With so many readily available units of furniture that slot seamlessly into any home, it’s no wonder Ikea has taken the world by storm, turning the cliché style into a classic look. While Ikea is famously known for […]

Feature Walls: What They Are and How to use them

Feature walls are an increasingly popular type of furnishing in homes, constructed with simple designs, these walls function to act as the focal point of the room, drawing attention to itself, and breaking the monotonous pattern, of the room. Feature walls vary in design and complexity. A simple feature wall can just be a wall […]

Earthy Tones: What Are They and How can You Use Them

When you think of nature and natural elements, earthy tones should immediately come to mind. But what are these earthy tones, and how exactly can you make the most of them when planning the style of your home? For a start, earthy tones mostly refer to browns and shades of brown, the general idea is […]

How to Add Industrial Charm to Your Home

The industrial look is quickly becoming another smashing hit in the interior design world. With the favour of steampunk inspirations and the charm of the early 20th century coming back, the industrial style is one which quickly grows on you. Whether you’re renovating your home completely or trying to add a few things to really […]

Renovation Strategies to Help Save Money

Renovating your home to make it a dream can quickly turn into a financial nightmare. Creating your dream home will take both time and money to construct, whether you’re renovating a brand new BTO, refurbishing an older home, or giving a resale flat a facelift. While it may sound daunting and frightening, renovating shouldn’t be […]