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Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

Bringing the light into your life (quite literally), there are different types of lighting options and light choices for your home. From track systems, to cove lighting to hanging pendant lights, there are hundreds of different ways you can choose to light your home. It may seem simple, but the choice of lighting you use […]

Balcony Ideas For Your New Home

Having a balcony may have seemed like a luxury in the past, reserved for the more affluent staying in private housing. But with upcoming HDBs sporting modern designs and chic new layouts, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a 4-room flat with a small balcony. So let’s look at some ideas you can use […]

How To Improve Your Wifi At Home

After settling into your new home, you may run into some issues you did not think of before. From the ergonomics of the arrangement to certain essentials you may have forgotten to buy before moving in. One of the many difficulties homeowners encounter however has to do with their connectivity. Whether you live in a […]

Tips for a small, minimalist kitchen

Credit: Two Dots Interior Having a well-equipped and functioning kitchen is always handy in Singapore. Eating out is not always the healthiest option, nor is it always the best decision for your wallet. Being able to cook at home also gives you more options for entertaining guests, whether celebrating a special occasion at home, or […]

The Types Of Flooring That Are Suitable For Kitchens

If you’re looking to cook at home its important for you to consider what type of flooring, you should consider for the kitchen. There are many different types of options for flooring, from different types of wood to vinyl to porcelain, and each of them come with their own sets of pros and cons. So, […]