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Childproofing Your Home (Budget-Friendly)

Having children is certainly a blessing, but taking care of the young ones and raising them without preparation can be quite disastrous. Children are immensely curious about their surroundings (especially toddlers!), and almost nothing can seem to stop them from lumbering around to explore their new-found world. Child-proofing your house is definitely the way to […]

Selecting the best renovation contractor in town

The old saying goes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The same goes for house renovation. Planning is crucial when undertaking house renovation works, including selecting the best renovation contractor to carry out your dream home. To ensure this, it is important for homeowners to conduct a comprehensive research on the […]

Effective Ways To Save Electricity In Your Home

A study by Energy Market Authority (EMA), Singapore revealed that there has been a year-on-year increase of electricity consumption in Singaporean households; with the percentage increase being 4.3% in 2015. This trend is alarming considering that higher electricity consumption would translate to higher bills cost for homeowners. Not only that, the generation and transmission of electricity […]

Fabric or Leather Sofa?

Sofa and furniture have evolved from its functional purpose of sitting to comfort and enhancing your interior design. When chosen right, sofa does not only complement your house style but can also make it stand out and appear more attractive. And then there are other considerations that come into play: such as comfort, durability, flexibility […]

Questions to Ask For Your Home Renovation

The average cost of renovation in Singapore for a HDB flat can reach up to S$56,000. This amount alludes to the fact that a house renovation does not come cheap. Hence, there is a lot of thought and deliberation that potential consumers should consider before settling for a contractor that suits your renovation needs. Whether […]

Handling your choices: Handles for your kitchen

When decorating or renovating the kitchen, kitchen handle is perhaps the last thing that comes to our mind; Naturally, as they serve as a final touch to our fully-furnished kitchen cabinet. However, any daily users of the kitchen can account for the fact that handles are no less important. There are two crucial roles that […]