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How to save electricity efficiently at home

Imagine a day without electricity? Our work will not be completed because we rely heavily on the internet, we’ll be living in the darkness when night falls because there is no light, and it will be difficult to sleep without air-conditioning or fan! In today’s article, we look at simple ways to save electricity efficiently […]

Quick Remodelling Hacks for the Coming CNY

“New year, new me” a phrase typically quoted by many when a new year dawns. So, this 2021, let this quote apply to your home as well. Creating a new look to your house may seem like a daunting task especially if it requires you to make big changes to your home… what more during […]

Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

Renodots article- Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

The old has gone, and the new has come, 2021 marks a new year, new resolutions and a new home design? After spending a majority of 2020 confined within the four walls of your home, it is high time to start thinking of ways to free up space or to give your home a new […]

Best Singapore Interior Designers in the East

Renodots article- best Singapore interior designers in the east

Hello to all our readers who live in the East of Singapore! Now, you know that any home remodel could use an interior designer, but do you know how to find the best Singapore interior designers for your region? If you’re having a little trouble deciding, check out this list below, for the best Singapore […]

HDB’s deferred income assessment scheme: Applying BTO without a family loan!

So maybe you and your special someone have decided to take that step of applying for a Build To Order (BTO) flat in Singapore together. But there is just one little blip – you both don’t have any accessible income yet! If you’re really set on applying in the next launch, you may think the […]

Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Renodots article- Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Let’s do a quick one-question quiz – What increases productivity in the kitchen? Many of you would say kitchen appliances, of course! While we love our air fryers, bread makers, waffle makers and (ahem) garlic mincers, there is one design that contributes to productivity in the kitchen – the kitchen triangle! What is a kitchen […]

Top 5 Pop Up Toasters in Singapore

Renodots article- Top 5 Pop Up Toasters in Singapore

Pop Up Toaster is currently our WFH (work-from-home) best friend! In every Singaporean household, there should be a toaster. When I was younger, my parents would create our own kopitiam in the kitchen because we needed our daily dose of kaya and butter toast. Now that most of us are working from home thanks to […]

Singapore Renovations: Expected Costs and Durations For Home Renovation in 2021

Doing a home remodel is a huge decision, but it can also be a step towards getting the dream home you envision for yourself. If you’re thinking about renovating your new or resale HDB flat or condominium and is wondering what are the cost and duration for your home renovation, then this article is for […]

Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

Renodots article- Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

Every time homeowners talk about kitchen renovations the focus is often on kitchen cabinets and kitchen tops. No one really discusses kitchen sink faucets in detail when reviewing kitchen renovation ideas. But, we are going to put it on the table today, because if we all do some kind of watching at the kitchen sink, […]