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Vanity Ideas So You’ll Feel Like A Beauty Influencer

Some of us may have watched beauty influencers doing their thing, with ring lights illuminating their eyes as they pound on makeup or do their hair in a brightly lit room in front of a large mirror. If you happen to dream of having a vanity, we’ve got some vanity ideas that will bring out […]

Simple Ways To Create Your Home Office

Times are changing. As we adjust (and continue to adjust) to this new normal, having a home office is not just a luxury, it is becoming a necessity. However, you do not need to do a major overhaul to one of your rooms to recreate a home office. Furniture rearrangement and a few added furnishings […]

4 Stylish Stand Fans for Your Home

Remember when we were kids, and decorating our SIMS house was our favourite pastime? Perhaps, for some, it’s still our favourite thing to do! We simply had to scroll the catalogue to browse for some swanky furniture, and then dragged the coolest one out. Then, it would belong in our house along with the other […]

Incorporating wallpaper in your home

When we visit showrooms, its walls are usually wallpapered with textured wallpaper that cannot be achieved through painting. However, many of you still do not prefer having wallpapers in your home. Why? Most say that the humid weather in Singapore will ruin the wallpaper in a few years, and peeling wallpaper is a ghastly sight. […]

5 Design hacks to a spacious and less cluttered Condominium

Living in condominiums can be fun, especially when you get to design them just the way you want. It’s less fun when you have to clean up thoroughly! If your condominium is rather small, it tends to get cluttered with knick knacks that don’t seem to belong anywhere. It can be quite the eyesore, especially […]

Top 4 Bacteria-Eliminating Automated Laundry Racks

Automated Laundry Who? Ever since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve become more aware of our health and hygiene. Immediately after coming home, we throw our clothes into the laundry bin, and off it goes into a wash. We then hang the clothes, in hopes that they’re going to be clean and dry, only to be […]

8 Coronavirus-friendly activities to do during the 2020 holiday season

The December holidays are just around the corner! But with the looming threat of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the things we would typically do are now out of the question. With travelling and throwing huge parties with all our friends totally out of the running, and many of us still hesitant to go out […]

3 Box Sets of IKEA Cutlery for Your Home

Eating and dining is a routine part of our lives. The joy of a meal that comes from a heartwarming dish prepared and eaten at home is quite incomparable. For any home, cutlery is an essential because, otherwise, how are you going to eat? For modern-day home owners, IKEA strikes a good balance between cost […]

How To Furnish Your Living Space With Wooden Furnishings

Are you thinking of incorporating more wooden textures into your living space? You can start by adding wooden furnishings or introduce wooden flooring into your home. Wooden furniture does not only elevate the aesthetics of your home, it can also absorb and store the carbon dioxide in the air (not a lot but significant enough). […]

All you need to know about these 5 Executive Condos in Singapore

Offering all the luxuries of private property at the price of public housing, Executive Condominiums (ECs) have been popular in Singapore for a long time. But with low frequency of new EC launches coupled with the 5-year Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) and 10-year privatisation period, it can be hard to know which ECs are available […]