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Use Renodots Matching Tool to get up to 5 quotations

Article - Use Renodots Matching Tool to get up to 5 quotations

There are plenty of interior designers (IDs) out there, but which one is for you? You can check out some recommendations for interior designers in the west, east and north-east of Singapore. Or, you can check out the reviews for many IDs on the website, but did you know Renodots has a matching tool that […]

Best Singapore Interior Designers in the North East

Welcome back to another installation of our interior design series! This time, we’ll explore the North East region of Singapore for the best Singapore interior designers! Keep them in mind for your next remodel! Best Singapore interior designers: Key Concept Pte Ltd Location: 2 Gambas Cres, #06-21, Singapore 757044Phone: 9018 0264Email Address: A young […]

*NEW* Everything we know about the May 2021 BTO Launch

Article __NEW_ Everything we know about the May 2021 BTO Launch

HDB has announced the releases for the May 2021 BTO launch. A total of 3870 great potential homes will be up for grabs in the May 2021 BTO launch, in the mature estates: Bukit Merah Geylang And the non-mature estates: Tengah Woodlands May 2021 BTO Launch: Bukit Merah (Mature estate) Number of units offered: 170 […]

Best Singapore Interior Designers in the East

Renodots article- best Singapore interior designers in the east

Hello to all our readers who live in the East of Singapore! Now, you know that any home remodel could use an interior designer, but do you know how to find the best Singapore interior designers for your region? If you’re having a little trouble deciding, check out this list below, for the best Singapore […]

HDB’s deferred income assessment scheme: Applying BTO without a family loan!

So maybe you and your special someone have decided to take that step of applying for a Build To Order (BTO) flat in Singapore together. But there is just one little blip – you both don’t have any accessible income yet! If you’re really set on applying in the next launch, you may think the […]

Singapore Renovations: Expected Costs and Durations For Home Renovation in 2021

Doing a home remodel is a huge decision, but it can also be a step towards getting the dream home you envision for yourself. If you’re thinking about renovating your new or resale HDB flat or condominium and is wondering what are the cost and duration for your home renovation, then this article is for […]

*NEW* Everything You Need To Know About February 2021 BTO Launch

HDB has announced that the February 2021 BTO launch will include 3550 homes in 4 different estates: Non Mature estates: Bukit batok Tengah Mature estates: Kallang/Whampoa Toa Payoh February 2021 BTO Launch: Bukit Batok Total number of units: 960 Types of flats: 2-room flexi flats, 3-room flats, 4-room flats, 5-room flats Additional details about the […]

5 hot resale areas in Singapore and why

Looking for a home on a budget? Singapore has several affordable public housing options depending on what’s best for your situation: new BTO flats, resale HDB flats, and executive condos. This page covers the intermediate option: resale flats. These are homes that were once BTO flats, but have now already reached their 5-year minimum occupancy […]

All you need to know about these 5 Executive Condos in Singapore

Offering all the luxuries of private property at the price of public housing, Executive Condominiums (ECs) have been popular in Singapore for a long time. But with low frequency of new EC launches coupled with the 5-year Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) and 10-year privatisation period, it can be hard to know which ECs are available […]

What Makes A Good Property Investment In Singapore?

What Makes A Good Property Investment In Singapore? People in Singapore look at property as many things – a home, a source of rental income, and very often, an investment. Yes, it’s true: buying the right property in Singapore can be very lucrative in the long run. But how do you know a property is […]