Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Try

Celebrities are just like us. They face skin problems and dry hair. Though some of their methods of achieving perfect features may sound slightly crazy, there are others that are worth giving a try. Here are some celebrity beauty secrets to give a try.

Hilary Duff

A great makeup hack if you have dry skin. Hilary Duff uses a refreshing spray before putting on the rest of her makeup. Her method definitely works as we see her face having a dewy look and natural glow. It, however, may not be the best secret to using if you have oily skin!

Blake Lively

Blake Lively uses her mother’s recipe for beautiful hair. Putting oil on the bottom half of the hair before shampooing ensures that it will not dry out the ends. A little goes a long way too. Excessive oil will cause the hair to be weighed down instead of giving it a natural bounce.

Scarlett Johansson

Ever heard of using apple cider vinegar as a face wash? Well Scarlett Johansson does and her skin looks flawless. Apple cider vinegar is a natural skin care remedy if you have breakouts as it helps to heal the open wounds and calm them down. If you are able to get past the strong smell, give this a try!

Halle Berry

Adding ground coffee to bath wash is Halle Berry’s secret for an anti-cellulite treatment. The caffeine helps to increase blood circulation of the area and small granules mildly exfoliate the skin, leaving health and smooth skin.

Mariah Carey

Wondering how Mariah Carey achieves her perfect, plump pout? She adds drops of peppermint into her lip gloss which helps to stimulate blood flow and causes lips to swell. No need for lip injections after all!

Catherine Zeta Jones

Another hair trick by Catherine Zeta Jones. She uses beer as a conditioner to keep her hair looking full, thick and having body. Beer contains the proteins, vitamins and nutrients for developing healthy hair. Just remember not to pour it from your roots or else you’ll smell of beer for the rest of the week! Only pour from the middle down.


We’ve all been told to use sunscreen daily but Shakira uses baby sunscreen lotion instead. Baby sunscreen lotion is actually great for those with sensitive skin and provides maximum protection from those harmful rays. As a bonus, they are also cheaper than normal sunscreen lotions!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson says she dumps her face into a bowl of ice water to achieve a youthful glow. Though ice water can close pores and reduce inflammation, it is a very painful process! Instead you can try splashing your face with cold water, using a refrigerated face mask or try an ice cube massage by running an ice cube over your face for a couple of minutes.