Celebrity Bedroom Inspirations For Your Own Home

Most of the time, celebrities have the best looking houses. It’s not just because they have the money and means to do so but they also have great taste and style. So why not steal some of their gorgeous ideas? Here are some celebrity bedrooms for inspiration.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi

If you love a bright and white bedroom, look to this couple for inspiration. Their simple yet sleek looking room takes a blend of minimalist colours with vintage and contemporary designs. It goes to show that less is more in making your interior look like a million bucks.

Elle Decor bedroom

Lauren Conrad

This Pinterest perfect bedroom is goals. She creates a cool toned room of white and natural wood elements from the bed, dresser and daybed. The rug follows the same theme and a throw of warm red blends nicely into the room. This is definitely a room you will want to unwind.

Elle Decor Pinterest perfect bedroom

Jennifer Morrison

If you love vintage and retro bedrooms, this is an inspiration for you. She uses vintage furniture with muted retro colours to create this unique room. You might not think red would look good with zebra prints in a room but this decoration proves us wrong.

Elle Decor vintage retro bedroom

Cindy Crawford

She pulls together beige and dark wood pieces beautifully to create a comfortable yet sophisticated looking space. Making good use of the fireplace, she makes it the centre piece and inspiration for the colour scheme of the room. The large rug ties the room together to match the theme of the overall room.

Elle Decor fireplace in bedroom

Ellen Pompeo

Her bedroom gives us major bohemian vibes! The rug hung above the bed acts as a statement piece and wall art while filling the theme of the room. Complimented with the woven pillows and throw with warm red and beige colours and copper lamps, her room obtains a central and welcoming theme.

Elle Decor bohemian themed bedroom

Cameron Diaz

It’s a relatively small looking room but the polished sleek furniture used helps enlarge it. The black polished cupboards and ceiling beams reflect light perfectly into the room and lets extra light in. If you are the kind of person who loves dark colours, this is a good way of having the colour but not compromising on the visual size of the room.

Elle Decor dark polished bedroom