Chic Inspiration by Good View Interior

With a chic design that’s sure to impress and wow, this condominium unit at Strata goes one level above the norm (quite literally). With a loft-like design, there’s a lot more room to play with, and a host of different ideas and layouts which can suit your needs. From a glance, the cool post-modern contemporary design has a tasteful finesse to it which allows the apartment to stand out among modern homes yet retains a more reserved and careful look.

The glossy finishes on the cupboards and surfaces in the home makes the house immediately impressive. Like a layer of sheen over the entire inside, the sparkling white marble floor seems to flow with the tables and cupboards, almost as if they were continuous extensions of the floor. The effect makes for a strong sense of unity and harmony throughout.

The kitchen maybe small, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good as a larger kitchen. The large sink makes for more space when washing and cleaning especially useful for larger pots and pans used when cooking for the family. With a glass finish across the kitchen, the dark bezel of the stoves makes it easy to clean up after cooking, and grease and oil slides right off the glass wrapping around the back too.

With smaller home sizes and the gradual loss of balconies, hanging clothes indoors may not be the choice of many people, especially given the increasing popularity of dryers. Building upwards, if you aren’t in the market for a combined washer/dryer, you can still save on space by stacking these appliances on top of one another. This saves space, and makes it easy to transfer from one to the other.

Good View Interior kicthen island

Combining the use of a kitchen island and a bar-side seating arrangement, this space saving trick reduces your need for a dining table, and even gives you more area for cooking preparations in the kitchen. This is especially useful for smaller families, or couples who don’t expect to be hosting large gatherings. The bronze barstools are a welcome surprise to the layout, pairing up quite perfectly with the yellow lighting from under the counter, the warm glow accentuates the shimmer from the bronze finish, expanding the palette of the house and adding more colour to the design subtly.

Good View Interior living area

The living area is spacious, preventing it from feeling claustrophobic, and making it even more enticing to hang around in, whether you’re watching shows, or just relaxing on the sofa. With a raised ceiling, the living room looks even more grand, with more light coming in and the removed restriction, you’d feel perfectly at rest when sitting around here.

The coffee table takes influence from a Victorian styled design, oozing with a subtle opulence as the white top blends into the lustrous gold supports. Another thing worth mentioning is the creative design of the sofa. It’s not too common that you find sofas coming with drink holders, especially larger ones, but this sofa includes such a feature. It’s worth a consideration for those who enjoy sipping on a drink as they watch television, and it keeps the sofa clean and free from water rings too.

The carpet is a work of art too. With a design inspired by post-modern painters and artists, the design is far from immaculate, a contrast to the spotless look of the other parts of the home. But the abstract artwork on the carpet seems to fit perfectly in the midst of such a pristine setting, adding a bit of fun to the overall design.

Good View Interior apartment loft

Overlooking the living area is the loft of the apartment. With the additional space, the owners have decided to make it into a small work space. With the higher ceiling, the work stations look directly out of the windows to an unobstructed view out of the apartment. If you ever need a break, all you’ll have to do is to just look up from your desk.

Good View Interior work area

The actual area is used as an extension from the master bedroom. With the additional work area, you keep work and rest separate, making sure none of the work enters the bedroom. But at the same time, the close proximity means you won’t have to move very much after you get tired out from all that work. The loft also includes a walk-in wardrobe and cupboards. This perfectly complements any room, giving you more space outside of the bedroom so the bedroom won’t be cluttered.