Chic Oriental Items You Might Want to Introduce to Your Home

If you have watched Crazy Rich Asians, a blockbuster comedy film that got 62 nominations and 12 wins in 2018, you’d notice the lavish mansion owned by the Young ancestral family. It was very expensive with chic oriental items. The people behind the creation of this rich atmosphere was production designer, Nelson Coates and interior decorator, Andrew Baseman.

If you’d like a little accent of that mansion in Crazy Rich Asians in your home, there are a few chic oriental items you could introduce to your home, just to add that touch of oriental elegance.

Because of the fusion of cultures, a Peranakan design is heavily infused in the show. There is not much difference if you are thinking to add this fusion into your very modern designed home.

An Oriental Shelf

Oriental Shelf
Image Credit: DSGNDCR

If you are thinking about getting a feature piece in your home, this is it. A piece of furniture like this could also replace your feature wall. The wooden/rattan type of material used is very oriental. Did you know that rattan weaving is linked with Chinese history dating back more than 2,000 years?

If you’d like it to assimilate it with the rest of the interior, paint the shelf with colours similar to the theme of your room. If your style is a little more eclectic, you don’t have to do anything at all; just ensure that you arrange the items such as books, photos, and ornaments attractively.

A Few Porcelain Vases

Porcelain Vases
Image Credit: Laurel Home

Look at the blue and white porcelain vases!

Using vases is a timeless way to decorate the home. Place it at the doorway, close to where the television is, or on a feature rack – like the above, and you’ll surely fetch some compliments.

Though some may regard vases as useless decorations, it is the key to making your interior more interesting. Now, when did you last see someone use a porcelain vase as decor? Think about it. It exudes exclusivity and uniqueness in homes that are often dressed in almost one-tone neutrals.

Moon Gate Design

Moon Gate Design
Image credit: Interiors Online

Have you heard about moon gates? If you watch shows that tell stories of Imperial China, you will notice that there is always a circular opening in the garden wall that is a passageway. You could call it an arch too. Moon gates are said to have spiritual meaning but most times, it is an architectural gesture to invite people into their gardens. If we are living in an HDB, it will not be an easy feat to create a moon gate at home. However, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your furniture. Some people opt to put a large round mirror but we like this rustic cupboard design instead.

If you are the creative kind, you could upcycle an old cupboard by giving it a little paintwork and adding a moon gate on it. Simple, subtle, and oriental.

A Folding Screen

A Folding Screen
Image credit: House Beautiful

Decorative screens are often known as one of the chic oriental items to divide certain areas. However, they are not just plain old screens. A distinct feature of oriental Chinese design is the paintings. You can see it even on their porcelain vases. If you look closely at old fabrics and wallpapers, you will see that each drawing depicts the life and times of the people. Therefore, when picking a screen, choose ones with attractive but neutral motifs.

You can use screens to zone out a certain segment in your room or break up space.

A Folding Screen 2
Image credit: House Beautiful

Homes today usually practice a very open concept when it comes to interior design. The hall spills into the dining area, and the dining area spills into the kitchen. If you are not a big fan of that, you could introduce a screen. It adds a bit of character to the home too – all this without the need to install expensive permanent dividers.

Chinese Motif Cushions

Chinese Motif Cushions
Image credit: Rachel Balmforth

It is time to put your colour, texture, and motif mix to the test.

You can jazz up the room by just adding a few colourful pieces that are easy to switch up. Chinese motif cushion covers are one example. There are many types of motifs that are linked back to that oriental era. It could be vivid paintings of nature like the lotus, bamboo shoots, or cherry blossoms. It could also be images of lions and dragons. Another would be the kind that we see on wallpapers depicting everyday life.

Chinese Motif Cushions 2
Image credit: Etsy

Depending on the theme of your home, and how daring you are with colours, you can pick or choose from a myriad of designs inspired by Chinese art. It can be portrayed as what the Europeans call chinoiserie, a type of decorating that is European in style by reflecting the influence of mainland China.

We think it is time to get out of the ordinary plain Jane designs and add a little more spark and character into your home. Today we look at chic oriental items that are inspired by oriental interior design, next time, it could be something else.

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