Children Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, the possibilities are endless. There are always new and creative ways to decorate or organise a room whether big or small.

Corner work table

If you don’t have a lot of space to play around with, you can think about using the corner of the room for a compact table. Compliment the set up with multiple shelves and create a private study area for your child.

Painted wall decor

A colourful accent wall with a simple design can brighten up a room and make it more fun.

Wall Decal

If you aren’t able to permanently transform the room, why not try wall decals? Wall decals come in all shapes and sizes and are easily found online. It is a great alternative as they will not damage walls and will not leave sticky residue as well!

Bunk bed storage

Got a high ceiling? Play with the headspace instead! The concept of using bunk beds for storage has gained popularity over the years. Storage can either be placed underneath the lower bed for 2 children or the bottom area can be a functional study area for 1 child.


This is the easiest and most playful way to dress up a child’s room. Find opportunities to place colourful furniture such as the bed, shelves and desk and decoration such as pictures and hanging banners. But do check that the colours compliment each other in harmony.

Makeshift art gallery

Hang your child’s artwork in the room using a budget method of rope and pegs. This is a great way to store your child’s work while putting them on display. It will definitely be nostalgic to see them as well.

Draw on wallpaper

Why not let children decorate their own room? Find white wallpaper that can be drawn on and let them do the rest. You might be surprised how creative your child can be when they are given an outlet to do so.

Chalkboard Wall

Another alternative is chalkboard wallpaper. If you are afraid of having a permanent wall full of drawings, you can install a chalkboard wall instead so that they are erasable. It is also a good sustainable option as they can use it for their schedule or homework when they are older.

Go with a theme

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