Chinese New Year Deco – Interior & Home Styling Tips

Chinese new year decorating style

Ding dong, or should we say dong dong dong chiang! It’s that time of the year again, and as part of the annual preparations for the celebrations, decorating our homes is one of those must-dos for this season of festivities.

With relatives and friends visiting over the course of the next few weeks, you’d want your home to look the part and really wow your guests. So if you don’t already have a collection of Chinese New Year decorations stored up in your home, or you’re looking to get some new ones this year, we compiled a list of places you can go to stock up on the much needed décor to pimp out your home.


Daiso plants
Credit: Daiso Instagram

We’re putting this at the top of our list. Daiso is a shop which never fails to delight and surprise us. For just $2, some of the things here are an absolute steal! With the perfect set of decorations for each celebration, it’s no surprise that they come out in full swing during the Chinese New Year and stock up on some great choices.

Daiso Chinese new year decor
credit: Daiso Instagram

Not just for the Chinese New Year specific decorations, this Japanese retailer also keeps a healthy supply of artificial flowers and blooms available all year round.

With their lively appearance and vibrant colour, from afar its hard to even tell that these flowers aren’t real. While they may be fake, the life and energy they bring into the room is definitely real.

Woodflower Cottage

woodflower cottage flowers
Credit: Woodflower Cottage Instagram

Making waves online, this centrepiece is sure to be the talking point of any conversation in your home. Wood Flower Cottage is a small family run business which is famous for this Chinese New Year bouquet. The unique construct of Song of India flowers to create the likeness of a pineapple is something of whim.

woodflower cottage chinese new year flower
Credit: Woodflower Cottage Instagram

The proverbial ong lai and ushering in of prosperity in this new year is delightfully done with this masterpiece, and it serves as a great addition to any home.

woodflower cottage chinese new year mouse
Credit: Woodflower cottage instagram

Aside from this bouquet, the shop has also prepared a special arrangement for this Chinese New Year. The ‘Golden Rat’ is a symbol of wealth and prosperity this year since it is the year of the rat. The cute design is sure to light up any corner of the home it finds itself in.

The KCottage Studio

kcottage studio
Credit: Instagram

If you’re looking for something that will last a bit longer, have a look over at The Kcottage Studio. This trendy wooden craft store is well known for making traditional family plaques with a modern and trendy twist. Add this personalized touch to your decorations by adding your family name to give it that special finishing touch.

kcottage studio home decor
credit: instagram
credit: instagram

These wooden plaques aren’t just for the New Year though. If you want to get a less traditional  looking design, you can even keep the plaque up the whole year round.

Far East Flora

far east flora flower
credit: instagram

For those of you who want more life in your home, its always a good idea to get some plants to decorate with, especially those associated with this celebration. From kumquats to pussy willows to more recent additions like orchids, you can get any plant you fancy from Far East Flora.

far east flora plants
credit: instagram
far east flora plants
credit: instagram


chinese new year decor
credit: qoo10 website

The online digital shopping ground may just be the next frontier for all of us. With more choices than you can count at the palm of your hands, the possibilities are endless with online shopping.

chinese new year stickers
credit: qoo10 website

This option is probably the fastest and easiest for those of you who may be too busy or those who need to do some last-minute shopping. Be warned though, with the slow down of work and deliveries, make sure you don’t order them too late or they may not arrive on time.

chinese new year hanging decor
credit: shopee website
credit: shopee website

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