Choosing Furniture For Small Singapore HDB homes

Small Singapore homes with the best interior design revolve around tricking the eye into thinking your home is more spacious than it really is. Use these strategies to help transform your living space into an aesthetically pleasing one that feels cozy without the claustrophobia.

light coloured furniture

Use Visually Lightweight Furniture

More often than not, it’s not about how big or small your furniture is. When it comes to small Singapore HDBs, your furniture’s visual weight is what counts most. Choose light-colored furniture or pieces that have lighter legs than dark, upholstered pieces. The pieces should also not obstruct the room or make it feel less open.

bed with storage

Choose Double Duty Pieces

When planning the interior design for smaller Singapore HDB units, consider investing in several double duty pieces that can help you maximize your living space and have storage room at the same time. Some examples of classic double duty furniture include sleeper sofas with storage space underneath the seating area, Murphy beds, which fold out from a cabinet-like wall unit and can be customized for your Singapore home and storage benches, which serve as extra seating for visitors or a holding spot for additional bed linens and sheets.

small stools as tables

Don’t Use Coffee Tables

You were probably used to the presence of a coffee table in your Singapore home while growing up, but as Singapore HDB units shrink in size, the coffee table may just become obsolete. Swap out this clunky addition for smaller stools or elevated tiered tables that take up less space in your overall interior design.

upholstered dining chairs

Think Small-Scale

A small Singapore home would be incomplete without furniture that doesn’t overpower the entire space. Instead of purchasing an oversized sofa, opt for one with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back. Alternatively, skip the sofa entirely and pick out a cute loveseat or simply position four single-seater chairs around your living room or dining table. Other smart options include armless chairs or foldable ones that you can stack away when it’s not needed.

transparent table

Be Transparent

This trick works best in small spaces as it plays a visual trick. The next time you’re thinking of upgrading the furniture in your Singapore home, opt for see-through or Lucite furniture. Not only is it ridiculously easy to clean, it also fools you into thinking there is more space than is actually available. Additionally, it is also easy to match with a wide range of wallpaper patterns or paint colors.