Choosing The Right Refrigerator For Your Home

December 9th 2021

A functional fridge has become a must-have feature for every home. Functionality-wise, it’s quite simple – it keeps the milk for your cereal cold and ensures your frozen nuggets remain frozen until they reach the fryer. However, take a trip through the kitchen section of any furniture company and you’ll see that there are many designs of refrigerators to choose from. With such a wide selection, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Not to worry, because we have some tips and things you should note before making the payment for your new fridge.

1. Top/ Bottom-Freezer Fridge

Bottom-freezer fridge. Source: Andi-Co

Top-freezer fridge. Source: Remodelista 

The names of these fridges are pretty self-explanatory. Top-freezer fridges are usually smaller and more affordable. However, this also means you have a smaller fridge capacity. This is suitable if you have a small kitchen and not a lot of housemates. Bottom-freezer fridges are the opposite. The fridge door is also at eye-level which reduces the strain whenever you want to open the fridge door. This fridge design is suited for those of you who store a lot of frozen or chilled goods.

2. Side-By-Side Doors

Source: Pinterest 

With the fridge on one side and freezer on the other, this is an alternative to bottom or top-freezer fridges. There is more vertical space which is suitable for narrow kitchens. This configuration allows both fridge and freezer to be at eye level, so you definitely won’t face any strain. Nonetheless, these models are general pricier and less energy-efficient, though more efficient models are entering the market in recent years. These fridges are suitable for medium-sized households of 3-4 people and if you have limited floor space.

3. French Doors

Source: Good Housekeeping

If you think there are too many trade-offs in the previous 3 designs, a French door fridge might better suit your needs. It combines both bottom-freezer fridges and side-by-side fridges so you get a larger storage space and also convenience when removing and adding items to your fridge. Of course, a more convenient design comes with a larger price tag but it is a worthy investment if you have a large household that is dependent on the fridge. Another plus point is that these fridges usually come with a chic, modern design.

4. Energy Efficiency

Fridges that display those familiar green ticks give you an indication of its energy efficiency. This is an important feature because higher ticks mean a lower electricity bill. Since your fridge is running every second of the day, an inefficient fridge can rack up quite a large bill.

5. Additional Features

Source: SlashGear

Modern fridges are no longer just about keeping your food cold or frozen, they have evolved to include other features like water dispensers, ice makers and smart functions. Some fridges have a wireless function that allows you to dispense a cup of water or ice while seated in the living room. These fridges also look really sleek and elegant in the kitchen. Ultimately, the most suitable design is up to you! Consider what you value most in your furniture: functionality or design and the choice should be slightly easier from there. 

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