By James Frankurt , Dec 19, 2017

As Christmas draws near, you keep thinking of ways to avoid the cliché gifts like a pair of cufflinks, tie or razor - but nothing else comes to mind. If you happen to be stressing over Christmas gifts for the men in your life, don’t fret! Often times, it’s easier to get a gift for men than we’d think. Just remember - practicality is key. Here are some of our top picks! HAIR PRODUCTS

hair products

Most guys enjoy styling their hair for a more put-together look. This makes hair products like wax, mousse and gel the perfect Christmas gift! SKINCARE

aloe vera plant
innisfree cleanser

Skincare products like sunblock, facial wash and aloe vera gel are especially good if he’s still in National Service! To prevent getting sunburnt under the sweltering hot sun, a good sunblock with SPF 50 would be a wonderfully practical gift. Aloe vera gel soothes the skin after a long day. Nowadays, some brands have even released skincare products that remove camouflage creams, leaving the face fresh and pimple-free! These fantastic gifts may even become holy grail products in their NS journey (next to Febreze, of course)! PUSH-UP CARDHOLDER


Stylish and functional, automated cardholders make great gifts for the guys who prefer everything compact and neat!

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