Circuit Breaker: Exercises at home to keep yourself fit.

Given a choice, would you rather step on a weighing scale and weep or stand confidently in front of a mirror and smile?

I understand that during this stay home 30 days, many people indulged in food and tidbits especially when they are binge-watching their favourite drama in front of the Tv!

Well, snacking is fine as long as you don’t forget to shed those calories away! Today, we bring you different sets of SIMPLE exercises to target the different areas on your body.

I would recommend you to do 3 times for each sets to get the best result! For beginners, you can start slow by completing 1-2 sets first.

Workout #1 – Toned Arms

Want to get rid of those flabby fats underneath those arms? Wish to put on your favourite sleeveless tops? Each exercise is 15-20 reps and complete 3 full sets!

Toned Arms workout

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Workout #2 – Burn those belly fat

Looking to burn those tires around your tummy? Well these exercises can help to tone your stomach area but do know that all these takes time and determination! For each exercise, do for 40seconds and rest 10seconds in between. Complete 3 sets!

Burn Bell Fat Workout

Workout #3 – Slim waist workout

Are you looking to work towards a S-line body? Side and back are spots that can be hard to tone up. Follow these exercises below to attaining your dream figure! Complete 3 sets in total!

Slim waist workout

Workout #4 – Inner Thigh Workout

Burn fats and tone your inner thigh with this workout! For each exercise, do around 45seconds and rest for 20seconds. Complete 3 sets!

Inner Thigh Workout

Workout # 5 – Tighten & Tone your Hips / Outer Thighs

Slim down and firm your butt, hip and outer thighs with these exercises below! Similarly, do each exercise for 45seconds and rest 20seconds in between. Complete 3 sets.

Thigh workout

Workout #6 – Butt Lifting Workouts

Do you want to lift your butt and make it firm? These exercises use body weight and multi movements to target all muscles in your glutes. For each exercises do aboout 15-20 reps. Complete 3 sets!

Butt Lifting Workouts

For the full video of this exercise, click here

Workout #7 – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts

This HIIT Workout (aka High-intensity interval training) is a great idea if you want to tighten and tone your body and boost your metabolism.

My favorite thing about HIIT workouts is you get to burn calories during the workout and you’ll continue to burn fat after the workout is over, too.

For each exercises, do roughly 15-20 reps and complete 3 sets.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts

Now, the road to getting a fitter and stronger body comes from your own determination! So time to wake up and stop being lazy! Complete these exercises and begin to feel fitter and better of yourself!

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