Circuit Breaker: Free Online Workouts From Your Fav Gyms

As we all know, ever since stricter measure of the circuit breaker was introduced, only some essential services are opened. This means that your daily after-work gyms or fitness centres are closed temporarily. Many of you must be missing your daily Yoga sessions, gym routines or HIIT classes.

Rest assured! Today, we bring you 10 Fitness centres in Singapore that post their online sessions on their social media just for you! Now, you do not have to forgo on your daily workouts while being stuck at home.

#1 Box Office Fitness

Box Office Fitness instagram page
Photo credit: Instagram

Box Office Fitness features boxing-inspired high intensity workouts. It consists of strength training, high-intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning.

They have planned a series of online workouts on their Instagram. You can check out theit IGTV for more videos on the different workouts available!
Furthermore, they have come up with a challenge called the circuit breaking challenge! Click on their first Instagram highlight to find out more.

Box office fitness Instagram account
Box Office Website

#2 Shape Singapore

Shape Singapore instagram page
Photo credit: Instagram

Shape Singapore is also known as the complete mind and body guide for women. It consists of Fitness, healthy, weight loss and overall body well-being of every woman

Shape Singapore online workouts

Shape Singapore has also posted a series of online workouts that involves Pilates, yoga, HIIT & Tabata! All these workouts can be found here

Shape Singapore Instagram
Shape Singapore Website

#3 Boom Singapore

Boom Singapore instagram page
Photo credit: Instagram

Boom workouts place focus on boxing and functional trainings. Boombox focuses on boxing routines while BoomCircuit & BoomCamp focuses on functional movements, strength training and endurance work.

Boom Singapore live workouts

During this circuit breaker, Boom will be bringing you a series of live workouts in various form on their IG Live. So do check out their IG for the different workouts available

Boom Singapore Instagram
Boom Singapore Website

#4 TFX Fitness

TFX Fitness instagram page

TFX Fitness offers exercises ranging from HIIT to yoga and functional movements to dance!

TFX Fitness exercise range

So TFX comes up with a ‘WORKOUT WHEREVER’ where they post HIIT, yoga and other sweat sessions on their IG Account. They have different sessions so do remember to tune it to their IG LIVE!

TFX Fitness Instagram
TFX Fitness Website

#5 Fitness First SG

Fitness First SG instagram page

Fitness First Singapore provides gyms, swimming pools and 800 group exercises classes a week. (Yoga, Dance, HIIT & more)

Fitness First SG Stay Home Stay Fit Challenge

They have come up with a 30 days Stay Home Stay Fit Challenge! Every day, new workouts will be posted on their IG ! You have to try out their home workout daily and post a photo on your IG with the hashtag #FFhomechallenge.

Fitness First SG Instagram
Fitness First SG Website

#6 Ground Zero SG

Ground Zero SG instagram page

Ground Zero is a fitness tribe that focuses on ride and resistance training. Their resistance training involves ‘Build’, ‘Power’, ‘Endurance’ & ‘Showdown’. Each type of exercises is optimized to target different muscle groups.

Ground Zero SG home workout videos

Fans of Ground Zero should rejoice! They have been updating and posting home workout videos on their IG TV! Time to target and work those areas and sweat it out with GZFAM.

Ground Zero Instagram
Ground Zero Website

#7 Haus Athletics

Haus Athletics instagram page

Haus Athletics focuses on a blend of HIIT workouts. Their workout is conducted in a dark room with an inspirational instructor to lead the session. Their trainings are broken down into 3 different categories – ‘Leanout’, ‘Meltdown’ & ‘Kore’.

Haus Athletics home workout videos

They have also launched 4 different episodes of HIIT at home workouts. It is simple and effective and requires only your bodyweight. Do check out their IG for more info!

Haus Athletics Instagram
Haus Athletics Website

#8 Yoga Movement

Yoga Movement instagram page

As the name goes, Yoga Movement explore possibilities beyond the mat. They have different forms of yoga to target different objectives. Ranging from basic yoga, hiit yoga, core yoga and Zen yoga too.

Yoga Movement online sessions

They have prepared some Online sessions on their IGTV too! They are also conducting classes through Zoom! So check out their IG for more info!

Yoga Movement Instagram
Yoga Movement Website

Now, with all these free workouts for you, there is no reason to be lazy! Time to get yourself sweaty today!

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