Circuit Breaker self-care checklist!

Other than going for grocery shopping or doing housework, it is also important to take out some time to pamper yourself while staying home. To pamper yourself, you can engage in activities that makes you feel good or relaxed.

#1 Having craving? Whip up a table of your favourite dishes.

Now is the time to bring out the ‘Masterchef’ in you. Put on your favourite and start whipping up your favourite food. Don’t forget to include your family’s share!

Food collage

#2 Do stretching regularly even when you’re working from home!

Exercise/ Stretching

#3 Exfoliate your body and lips when you are in the shower.

Check out this article to learn about DIY scrubs!

Exfoliating scrubs

#4 Take afternoon nap to replenish your sleep.

One of the best feeling is to curl up under your blanket and have a well-deserved break.

Woman napping

#5 Take up a hobby that you did not have time to do previously

Now it’s the time to pick up a skill or brush up your existing skillset!

Hobbies collage

#6 Time for some movie marathon with your netflix.

Choose your favourite movie and enjoy some me-time. Don’t forget to bring some popcorn or favourite snacks to keep you company.

Movie collage

#7 Give your friends a call, especially those that you have not been talking to for a while.

Group of friends

#8 Time to bring out the bookworm in you

Reading books

#9 Give your hair a good treat

Even if salons are closed, it can’t stop you from giving your hair some pampering. Go online and look for DIY hair mask to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

DIY hair masks

#10 Keep yourself fit and energized.

Go Youtube and select a Yoga workout or Zumba workout to keep yourself energized for the entire day! Most exercises don’t require equipment hence it is suitable for anyone!

People doing Yoga

Remember, self pampering is a rejuvenating and healing process! Let’s pick one activity and start loving ourselves today.

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