Closet Ideas For Your Home

What type of wardrobes to add to your new bedroom? Should you customise a new wardrobe or get a ready-made one? There are many things to consider. Are you the type who gets bored easily of your furniture? Or will you be looking at renovating and upgrading your home once every decade? It also depends on your budget and patience.

Ready-made wardrobes are definitely more cost effective, plus you need not wait for it to be built. Another advantage to cash-and-carry wardrobes is that you get what you buy. Sometimes, you may not have an idea of the wardrobe that you are looking for, or your renovation contractor may not create one which you have in mind in the exact same design or look.

Read to buy wardrobes are also easily replaceable, unlike custom made ones which requires hacking should it wear and tear over the years.

Cash-and-carry wardrobe
Credit: Ikea

There are a variety of cash-and-carry wardrobes to choose from. You can get closets with sliding doors due to space constraints. You also can customise these wardrobes with various compartments and drawers.

But don’t underestimate the unparalleled versatility of custom-made built-in wardrobes. Custom-made wardrobes have become a favourite amongst homeowners for good reasons. You are able to customise and make use of every space in your bedroom for a simple L-shaped or linear configured built-in wardrobes.

The best thing about a customised wardrobe is that you are able to take stock of your wardrobe – the different types from long coats, dresses to pants and tops, accessories and shoes and decide the types of compartments to fit all of your items.

The drawback about built-in wardrobe though, is the amount of space it can take up in your bedroom space. Built-in wardrobe is great for keeping all of your items organised and out of sight.

A full height wardrobe from floor to ceiling makes use of all the space, saves you from cleaning the top of a ready-made wardrobe and also can blend seamlessly into your bedroom’s theme and colour. You can also maximise your floor space and fill obsolete nooks and corners with a customised wardrobe. Also, you can consider adding a vanity table as a part of your wardrobe design, which cannot be done with a cash and carry closet.

Walk-in closet

However, if you have ample space to work with, think of creating a walk-in wardrobe. You can bring all your fantasies to life with a walk-in closet – like a kid walking into a candy store you can do just about all you have in mind into the design. Your walk-in wardrobe can contain open wardrobe racks to wardrobe units with drawers, sliding doors to a dresser to accommodate the female owner’s grooming needs.

You can also create an island in the middle of your walk-in closet for extra storage of clothes and accessories.

Walk-in closet

Last but not least, there is also the option of an open wardrobe. Consider having an open wardrobe in your bedroom, where your clothes are displayed in the open where you can mix and match the colours of your clothes to add to the visual display and theme design of your bedroom. Not forgetting, you are also able to add lights to bring out your wardrobe, making it look like you are walking into a boutique daily.

Open wardrobe

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