Comfortable & Quaint – Urban Design House

422 Canberra Road

A comfortable and quaint abode, this home was designed to create place of familiarity and relaxation for a young couple. With elements of rustic charm, the items here breathe a quiet respite from a tiring day out, and greets you with a warm atmosphere. The colour palette chosen exhibits a range of shades of brown and beige, from the glossy beige floor tiles, to the deep mahogany of the sofa. The mix of muted neutral tones create a pure look, the clean fatigue eases oneself into a state of calm and relaxation. The neutral shades are flattering and have the flexibility to be used in any room successfully.

Contrasting against the neutral wrap of the home, spots and streaks of bold colours can be used to add energy to the room and bring one part of the design into focus. In this room, the bar stools do just that. Their striking red covers stand out against the relatively muted colours of the rest of the room to create a focal point. This same effect can be achieved with almost any other centrepiece to draw attention, or create a natural convergence.

Urban Design patterned feature wall

Adding artistic flair to what could have been a boring look, the back wall of the TV console has been decorated with intricate parquet style patterns. This decision keeps the design true to the quieter colour scheme, yet beautifies the room with the interesting patterned background.

A small indent on the shoe cabinet creates room to display memories and collections where everyone can see them. By integrating a small seating area by the door, you no longer have to fumble when putting on or taking off your shoes either. The asymmetrical design of the cabinets helps to keep the mood of the room casual and fun. Recessed lighting options give indirect lighting that is not too glaring, but effectively brightens the room evenly.

Urban Design dark mahogany sofa

The dark mahogany sofa carries with it some rustic charm. The design has been made to look slightly more worn and weathered, giving it some old fashion style. The cosiness of the room is enhanced by this unassuming and easy-going style which gives it a homey charm.

With a counter just behind the sofa, you can have your TV dinners without worrying too much about spilling your food. The counter also provides a great space for light work or play, somewhere the whole family can be together all at once.

Urban Design kitchen glass panels

A mix between an open and closed concept kitchen, the glass panels allows the kitchen to remain as part of the room visually. There is no blocking of sight lines and the room feels integrated with the rest of the home. But to this effect, the physical glass barrier will keep the rest of the home from smelling, especially when you’re cooking up a storm. The row of cabinets just outside gives you more space and options. Keep a small toaster or a little snack counter up there so you won’t have to keep going in and out of the kitchen for a quick nibble.

Urban Design simple kitchen

A simple look keeps the kitchen unpretentious and casual. With a classical light colour palette to it, there is nothing too fancy to the design, with cupboards and shelves finished with an elegant glossy finish. What’s interesting though is the choice of sink, with a flexible head, the tap is more easily manoeuvred helping you to clean those tougher spots on your plates and dishes.

Urban Design light beige wood bathroom shelves

The bathroom follows the same light palette as the rest of the home, but plays on even more natural elements to create an earthy look to it. Granite-like tiling pairs harmoniously with light beige wood to make for a simple but stunning delivery.

Urban Design bathroom

The bedrooms in this home are exceptionally large. With enough space for a full wardrobe and a vanity area, you’d feel like a full diva every time you get yourself ready for a night out.

Urban Design vanity area

The vanity area has been made compact but still with all the bells and whistles. The drawer lets you keep all your cosmetics neatly organized, and the open bulb lights give you a full studio lighting so every angle becomes the perfect angle when getting ready.

Urban Design smoked glass door cupboard

Smoked glass doors to the cupboard make for a stylish touch to the room. The translucent cupboard now becomes the centre piece of the room with this Hollywood-esq style of design. It also makes it easier for you to choose your outfit, with everything available just at a glance, you’ll never have to dig through the cupboards to find that piece of clothing again.