Coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation by SHE Interior

Designer: SHE Interior

What’s better than leaving work and coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation. An entire day at the office can be extremely mentally draining, after hours on end of hacking away at all your work. That’s why, the inspiration for this home was to create a façade that immediately welcomes you back, a scene that you would never tire of seeing, and the moment you step into the house, the stresses of the day simply melt away.

To create such a welcoming environment, the idea was to keep the place looking vibrant and warm, making it feel like you’re getting a familiar hug every time you step into the house. The colour scheme is always an important consideration. Here, a mixture of neutral palette with warm tungsten lighting makes the atmosphere light and cheery.

Opting for an off-white colour on the walls, the walls don’t appear to stand out too aggressively, but make a considerate addition to lightening the mood. Often, pure white walls can appear almost surgical in nature and create an undertow of tension, so choosing options like egg shell, cream or ivory can be interesting choices which don’t deviate away too much but has a softer appearance.

SHE Interior living room

Keeping the entry way clear is very important in setting a carefree and relaxed mood. With clutter, or furniture close to the door, the room would tend to feel more claustrophobic and even smaller in nature. By keeping the furniture pushed back and leaving a good amount of space in front of the door, the immediate line of sight is clear, like a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of work.

Another advantage of this design is the way the living space has been separated. By using a simple platform, the TV area of the room is clearly distinct from the walk-way and entry space. This creates a sub-conscious divide in the room without much effort, making the area for walking clear, and the area for lounging obvious. By segregating the two functions and two areas, the living space would feel even more maximized, with such a large and wide walking area, and still enough space for lounging about.

An interesting take on this has been to scrap sofas, and instead, go for large lounge chairs and bean bags. The arrangement allows for more variety in sitting arrangement, being able to be rearranged and redesigned at whim, it also allows for larger groups since the beanbags come with their own foot rests which can also be seats. This way, you won’t have to commit to the specific layout or design of the living space, without having to invest too much before you’re sure or comfortable with the arrangement.

SHE Interior shoe cupboard

Flushing the doors of the drawers and cabinets, the shoe cupboard looks little more than an unassuming decorative piece at the entry way which does not stand out, nor does it block the way. While it is ergonomic to have the shoe cabinet just at the entry way, it can often block the natural flow of movement. Pushing it to the side, and flushing the door so it blends in like a wall, the cabinet does not disrupt anything and keeps the room looking sleek.

SHE Interior dining area

The dining area is another unassuming space in this homely home. The house is lit up mainly with warm tungsten-coloured lighting. The yellow glow emits a warms and comfort unlike white light, creating more intimate settings as the lighting is not as harsh and falls softly. 

SHE Interior mid-century design kitchen

With a mid-century type of design, the kitchen does look impressive on first glance. With ash grey matte finishes, the ‘brick wall’-esq design gives the kitchen a familiar feel to it. Instead of fully dividing the kitchen from the dining area, a half-wall has been erected instead. While it still gives a clear divide between the kitchen and the dining area, it allows the kitchen to look even more open and inviting.

SHE Interior children's bedroom

The children’s bedroom is reflective of a sweet and innocent play area. The teal wall is playful and warm, encouraging creativity and fun in the room. With bright pastel colours, the room is inviting and warm, the perfect environment or a young child.

SHE Interior sleek master bedroom

The master bedroom however take a more serious and sleek look to it. With a darker palette, the room appears much more muted, but still a comfortable abode. Charcoal coloured walls make for a more peaceful nights sleep, quieting the mind as you drift off into slumber. The dressing area however is not afraid to impress. With streaks of gold across the charcoal, the vanity area remains glamourous despite the quieter mood of the rest of the room.

SHE Interior glass top drawer

Dress to impress starting with an impressive dresser. Show off your masterful collection of watches, or make it easy for you to decide on the timepiece with a glass top drawer. This can go perfectly with any other accessory, be it jewellery or otherwise.