Common Mistakes You Make When Painting A New Home


If you’re embarking on a painting project for your new home or existing Singapore HDB, avoid these common mistakes to get it right the first time.

women painting on ceiling

Getting Cheap Paintbrushes

No amount of quality paint will perform if you opt for cheap applicators. Investing in good brushes will give the walls of your Singapore home better paint coverage and it will also save you some maintenance hours in the long run. Additionally, good brushes will last for several years with proper care.

pasting painters tape

Not Using Painters Tape

Masking the surfaces that you don’t want to paint can help you achieve a solid paint job, but many opt for masking tape as a cheaper option. While that usually does the job, it doesn’t always give you the professional-looking results you’d like. Use painter’s tape along the wall and ceiling edges and around trims and molding to help it clean, create sharp paint lines and protect surfaces in your Singapore HDB from drips and paint splatters.

paint primers

Passing On the Primer

Putting on a coat of primer in your Singapore home can seem like an extra task, but primer helps cover the flaws in the wall’s surfaces and give it a long-lasting finish. This is particularly helpful if your Singapore HDB or condo uses surfaces like plaster, wood or concrete.

colourful pots of paint

Dipping Your Brush Too Heavily

Most people tend to dip the brush all the way in, but not only is this a waste of paint, it also makes your paintbrush cleaning efforts harder. Instead, dip your paint only a third way in before painting. Additionally, avoid painting aimlessly, and start your painting efforts near the ceiling before working your way down – this will give your walls the smoothest finish possible and you can easily catch any drips as you’re working.

mismatched colours

Choosing the Wrong Colors

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a Singapore HDB or condo homeowner. This typically happens when you make your color decisions by using color cards or chips, which may not necessarily translate well once the paint is applied to the walls of your Singapore home. Instead, ask the staff at the paint store to mix a small sample of paint for you to take home. Try it out on your wall and observe what it looks like during the day and at night. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of painting your home before selling it, avoid neon or bright colors as it might be a turn off for potential buyers.

clean paintbrushes

Avoiding Clean-Up

Painting an entire Singapore HDB or condo can be tiring work, but don’t toss your used paintbrushes with the intention of cleaning it another day, as these will damage your paintbrushes in the long run. As soon as you’ve finished painting, wash your brushes thoroughly with water and dish detergent. Then, wrap them tightly in airtight plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store them back into their original packaging to keep their shape.