Common Small-Space Design Mistakes

small living room

Living in a small Singapore HDB or condo can be suffocating if you don’t plan the interior design properly. Avoid these common small-space design mistakes when you’re planning out the interiors of your new home.

stairway storage

Not Customizing Your Storage Space Properly

Most home owners forget spaces on the bare walls, under the beds and staircases and over the doors. Don’t overlook these spaces when taking inventory of your new home, as it will help you take your home to a new level. Don’t be afraid to get creative and carve out storage space with elements like floor-to-ceiling shelving, hanging up utensils inside the upper cabinets or on the kitchen walls and even utilizing a hanging cabinet if your bathroom is tiny.

Using Disproportionate Furniture

Living in a small HDB or condo doesn’t mean you are confined to using small furniture. In fact, identifying your home’s proportions will help guide your interior design. Consider furniture that can pull double duty and really experiment with the space to see what fits your needs. For example, a bigger couch might work well when surrounded by smaller furniture pieces like stools or mini coffee tables.

wooden divider

Too Much Space Breaks

Room dividers, rugs, and divisive layouts can help add a sense of organization to your small Singapore HDB unit, but too much of it can create a cluttered, compartmentalized feel that can also be too suffocating. If your space feels too tight, consider a continuous, unbroken flow to your floors and wall, which can help create a spacious look and feel.

large panel windows

Not Maximizing Natural Light

Natural light every tiny home’s best friend. It can make the smallest  HDBs seem larger, more cheerful and inviting. However, many homeowners opt for heavy curtains to block out sunlight. Instead, opt for translucent, light curtains in the daytime and heavier drapes at night.

bedside table

Don’t Fight Your Home Size

The sooner you accept that your flat or condo is small, the faster you can create a stylish surrounding you’ll love coming home to. For example, if you can’t squeeze in a bedside table, opt for a stool that can fit your phone and a tiny table lamp, if needed. If you don’t have the space for a console and large television, then mount the table on the wall instead. This will leave your room feeling less cramped.

large round mirror

Not Playing With Mirrors

Mirrors can help double the visual space in a small flat or condo and add light for added visual interest. Additionally, mirrored back splashes and furniture can help increase the size of the space, add a lovely reflective surface and make it look like you have additional windows.

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