Considerations For Choosing Flooring Material If You Have Pets

It may be a challenge to keeping pets in HDB flats in Singapore.

  • First, there is the constraint of space, especially if you have a family with kids.
  • Then there is the consideration for the types of furniture to buy and
  • most importantly, the type of flooring material to choose to ensure it lasts and is easy to maintain, especially if your furry friend might scratch or poo on the floor.

However, there are so many types of flooring to choose from, which should you pick?

It would be easy if you own hamsters, birds or fish in your home as your pets. But it is different if you are caring for a cat or a dog.

Comfortable flooring for your pet

Cat on floor

We may enjoy lying on the cold floor on a hot day or turn on the air conditioning to cool our living areas. However, our beloved cats or dogs come with layers of fur.

With air conditioning in the house or during spells of cold weather, it might be detrimental for our pets as they might easily feel cold lying on a cold hard floor.

Easy to Maintain

You would want to consider getting flooring that is easy to maintain especially if your pet may end up scratching the floor with untrimmed nails.

If they are not properly toilet trained, this would also cause an unwanted mess around the flat especially causing damage to the flooring.

To maximise your playtime with them without having to worry about damaging your floor, choose an easy to maintain flooring such that regular sweeping and mopping will not over time damage the floor material.

Vinyl flooring bathroom
Photo Credit: Space Sense

For example, vinyl flooring is pet-friendly, durable, resilient and high in quality. It comes with extra thickness and you can choose the water-resistant option that withstands wear and tear. It can also be easily cleaned without leaving out any stains and conceal the sound of your pet’s nails as they move around your home.

Scratch and stain Resistant

Pet owners must be cognizant that having pets open the high possibility of creating scratches on the flooring. Keeping this in mind, vinyl sheets and laminate flooring would not be your best go-to options.

You may want to look for NBL premium resilient vinyl flooring.

This group of flooring is of higher quality than the traditional resilient and vinyl flooring and can be differentiated from Luxury Resilient Flooring in that they possess an additional crystal ceramic beads coating, making them more scratch-resistant. It also gives off a slight sheen, resulting in a more sleek and pleasant appearance in the finishing.

That being said, install a highly stain-resistant flooring. Carpets are a big no as a choice when it comes to pet stains.

Types of flooring to pick

We explored vinyl with different options as a flooring material if you have cats and dogs at home. What other floorings can be considered for a home with pets?

Floor tiles

Depending on the material they are made of, can be very resistant to moisture and scratches.

Whether you have chosen ceramic, porcelain or mosaic, floor tiles are relatively easy to maintain and thanks to their varied nature, you can have almost any design you want.

However, floor tiles have the tendency to chip if heavy objects are slammed onto them. Floor tiles also have the tendency to match the temperature of the room, and this can feel cold for your pets if you prefer air-conditioning turned on most of the time in your home. Your soles may also not be accustomed to the cold.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring, made from wood are arranged geometrically for a decorative effect. Parquet flooring is a lot more stable than ordinary wood flooring because wood chips are locked in place by each other, it is a lot harder to shift them around the floor.

Parquet flooring does not require much maintenance and is more affordable than other types of flooring. Not only does it bring a sense of warmth to your home, but your pets also would not feel cold stretching themselves out on the floor.

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