Construction sector a key vulnerability & Singaporeans have to live with Covid-19 long term..

This is a rough summary of National Development Minister Lawrence Wong speech on Tuesday, 9th June 2020.

  • Singapore need to start preparing to live with this coronavirus for long term, through changing the way they live and how work is delivered.
  • Contact tracing & virus testing capacity have increased significantly
  • Government is trying a new way to detect the virus – Testing wastewater fragments of the virus
  • Singaporeans have to be socially responsible and continue wearing mask when they are out
  • Continue to practice good hygiene and maintain social distancing
  • Practice flexible work arrangements – working from home, different work hours or split-team arrangements
  • Improve on air ventilation and air filtering in the offices
  • Contactless fitting, automatic doors, temperature taking and hand sanitizers should be incorporated.
  • Businesses should also find new and safe ways to deliver their products and services. For e.g, hawker and wet market stalls used online platforms to reach to new customers
  • Workers in construction industries will be tested regularly and new dormitories will be built.

Regarding the Construction industry, Minister Lawrence Wong has also highlighted the following points

  • New safeguards will be implemented at worksites
  • Continue to push towards automation and productivity to reduce reliance on foreign workers
  • Review and improve the living conditions for migrant workers
  • New dormitories will be designed to be more resilient against infection risks
  • Government will also introduce new measures to cushion the financial impact of these safeguards

Above is a summary of the few important points in his talk on Tuesday, For the full coverage, you can click on these few sources here & here.

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