Container House – The next in thing

Container housing has become a new phenomenon across countries. The concept allows people to build a range of houses from tiny, compact housing to houses as big as bungalows.

Container housing
Container housing with pool
Container housing and stairs

  Let’s take a look at some container houses for ideas and inspiration you can incorporate into your HDB home in Singapore.

1. Container panels

Container panels can give an urban feel to your house from a cool and unique ceiling to walls. Depending on the colour, it can also make the room seem as though the room is found in a beach house. The panels can also have the appearance of wood, making it a cheaper alternative to real wood which is difficult to maintain. This new concept of container panels will make your room look unique and special.

Container panels exterior

2. Open Wall Concept

Many container houses use an open wall concept to make their room feel and look bigger. With apartments in Singapore becoming increasingly small, the open wall concept will make you living space more breathable and scenic. To adapt this concept into an HDB flat, install full-length glass window panels which extend from the ceiling to the floor, giving you the same effect.

Open Wall Concept
Open Wall Concept

3. Make Shift Furniture

Small container houses have led to the invention of makeshift furniture to save space. Makeshift furniture help to save space by creating multiple uses for a piece of furniture. Furniture such as a desk that can be pulled down to turn into a bed when you want to sleep and a table seating four that can be extended into a table to sit twelve are just some examples. Thus to gain the most space out of your HDB flat, makeshift furniture will be the way to go.

4. Go Green

Container houses tend to be located in large open areas whether it be in the woods or on the beach. With electricity and water not always available, owners tend to use solar energy to power the house instead. This money and energy saving idea makes use of the sun during the day as natural light streams into the rooms from the open walls and at the same time stores energy. In our sunny Singapore, this inspiration from container housing is very suitable.

solar energy container house