Contemporary 4-room BTO flat in Tampines

By Admin , Sep 28, 2021
Contemporary 4-room BTO flat in Tampines

When we think of contemporary, we think of clean lines, subtle colour palettes and a simple interior design. That is exactly what you get with this BTO flat designed by Sky Teo of Todz’Terior. Located at 619A Tampines Street 61, Todz’Terior really outdid themselves with the interior design and renovation of this BTO flat, transforming it from a traditional, dim apartment into an elegant and sophisticated living space.

Living room

The living room places emphasis on the idea of simplicity by keeping to the theme of a single colour palette. The living room is completely decked out in shades of white and nudes. This gives the appearance of cleanliness and a down-to-earth kind of mood. They complemented the colour scheme of the room by including matching furniture and decorations to stick to the minimalist theme. Todz’Terior also takes advantage of natural light by having large full-length windows next to the sofa.

Dining room

The dining room also showcases how well thought-out the entire layout is. To ensure a cohesive look throughout the entire house, Teo sticks to the colour palette of whites and nudes with a glistening white counter top and matching furniture sets. To add to the elegance of the interior design, the glass windows also help to partition the kitchen and the dining room to properly compartmentalize the space.


The kitchen is truly the epitome of modern. Clear glass panels, white cabinets and counter-tops just makes you feel majestic when preparing a meal for your guests or even just a midnight snack. While it may look small from the outside, the kitchen is actually very spacious to accommodate all your gastronomic adventures. If you ever decide to have some theatrics in the kitchen, you can subtly show off your culinary skills to your guests as they marvel from the nearby dining area.

Bedroom / Study room

Teo showcases his extraordinary ability to compartmentalise space without making it look too crammed or look overly cluttered. We see this amazing skill in the bedroom that has been split to serve a dual function of both a study and place of rest. It is a common saying not to work where you sleep but Teo circumvents this concern by smartly partitioning the room with a wardrobe. Rest assured that you will not be reminded of the horrors of work as you attempt to get some well-deserved sleep after a long day.


Finally, the bathroom is the last piece of the house that completes the entire look. Though it may not be the biggest room in the house, Teo makes the bathroom look spacious by incorporating a glass panel to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. The under-sink cabinets are useful for storing toiletries in a compact space, as opposed to having a shelf that will make the bathroom look small and cluttered. Teo keeps the bathroom simple by only having the necessities and forgoing any excess décor that might make it look crammed.

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