Style: Modern-luxury

Project By: Letz Interior

The design is extraordinary, with an elegant concept and close attention to detail. This graceful abode is undoubtedly perfect for those who prefer the sophisticated modern look. With an exquisite detailing, the living room looks incredibly refined and stylish. An extravagant chandelier hangs on the ceiling, brightening up the room and giving the pristine with floors a glossy sheen. Take a seat on the plush tan leather couch and matching chairs with foot stools and spend time with your family in ultimate comfort.

Letz Interior living room with chandelier

Display your prized possessions and unique collections in the beautiful glass cabinet which comes fully equipped with back lighting that will enhance the appearance of (and even glorify) anything on display. Keep clutter off the floor – the marble cupboards provide ample storage space whilst looking absolutely luxurious.

Letz Interior feature wall

A sleek, long and polished white table with complementary wooden benches sit in the dining area – ready for family dinners or parties. A beautiful chocolate brown kitchen cabinet with an oven and a glossy black fridge sits behind the dining table, providing commodious storage space and proper facilities for the aspiring chef while imparting a sense of sophistication.

Letz Interior dining area

Wake up on the right side of the bed in this tasteful master bedroom that is perfectly designed for the minimalists who desire a bit of flair in their everyday lives. The room looks impeccable with full length windows and a big, beautiful mirror that makes the room look bright and spacious. A posh leather headboard elevates the design of the space, making the room so much more elegant. With shelves for displaying family pictures or random knick-knacks and a lustrous bedside drawer, the space provides generous storage space to keep the space neat and tidy.

Letz Interior master bedroom
Letz Interior full length windows

The adjoining walk-in closet will leave even the fashionistas thoroughly satisfied, with ample room for clothes and bags.

Letz Interior walk-in closet

The children’s room is absolutely adorable with a to-die-for Hello Kitty storage unit to store toys and/or books and a lovely white and pink table for studying.

Letz Interior children room
Letz Interior children room

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