Designer: WedaStudio Inc

Theme: Contemporary

Think ultra-chic and luxurious – this beautiful abode is the ideal home for those who adore the contemporary and sophisticated style.

WedaStudio Inc neutral and modern colour scheme living room

The living room exudes a relaxed and refined ambience with a neutral and modern colour scheme of black, greys, white and brown. A pristine white coffee table sits in the middle of the room, livening up the stylish space. Sit and chat on the long and comfy pebble grey couch and the cosy black and white polka dotted beanbag. The minimalist style of this abode is elevated with an array of textures that are incorporated through the textured black and grey accent wall, classy velvet curtains and a koala grey rug. Floor length windows bring in natural light, instantly brightening up space.

WedaStudio Inc open living-dining space

Enhancing the chic atmosphere in the open living-dining space is an odd-shaped chocolate brown storage space with a lavish display cabinet. The wood-toned dining table adds warmth to the space and contrasts with the white marble flooring. The glossy glass table top complements the mirrored display cases, making the room look more polished. A beautiful wood half-wall separates the living-dining space from the tasteful staircase.

WedaStudio Inc master bedroom coffee brown bed
WedaStudio Inc intricate artwork

The master bedroom is just as stylish as the rest of the abode, with a cosy coffee brown bed and matching side tables. Intricate artwork sits above the bed, heightening the luxuriousness of the room.

WedaStudio Inc bedroom with art piece

The other bedroom is equally stunning. The room features a comfortable single bed, a minimalistic black and white table and a modish rattan chair. To top it all off, an eye-catching red and white masterpiece ties the whole room together, making this room a great place to work and sleep in.