Contemporary mixed futuristic

Merging contemporary living with futuristic styles, this home carries the design of both of these successful styles and achieves a well-stuck balance. The clean combination of the styles has created a home which stands up to the current designs and trends of today, while still managing to have a forward-looking design in a niche that is not always easy to enter.

From the living room, sparks of contemporary inspiration have filled the walls with minimalist design styles. The yellow tinge and colour scheme are an uncommon choice. While most people prefer to choose pastels to go with the warmer orange-yellow lighting, the choice made here was to match the gentle and warm light choice with similar tones of yellow. From the sofa, the blonde is a welcome departure from other off-white choices which are commonly seen. The light tinge of the sofa is not overly powerful, even allowing the sofa to blend in with the wall at some points. Yet, thanks to its yellow foundation colour, the sofa manages to also match with the warm lighting almost perfectly. Plus, it is a great transitional point of the room, allowing even brighter and bolder shades of yellow to stand out in the room. From the throw pillows to the art on the back wall, the much bolder colours have been aided by the sofa to enter the room inconspicuously, where they otherwise would stick out like a sore thumb.

My Reno Diary modern living room

With the futuristic looking modern take of a ‘chandelier’ standing proudly in the centre of the room the style looks trendy and yet still visionary to designs and styles to come. The glazed black glass creates a welcome reflective surface which increases the amount of reflective light in the room. With smaller sitting spaces, it may not always be the best choice to use a mirror to ‘expand’ the floor space, but a glazed glass surface still allows for a brighter room and some degree of visual expansion.

My Reno Diary entry way

The entry way to the home is small, and while can be very tempting to exploit and maximize the amount of space in the home, the choice made here was that ‘less is more’, in this case, fewer things means more space. And this is absolutely critical in smaller homes, when you’re pressed for space, you should not be thinking about how to can squeeze everything in, but instead, how you can leave enough floor space despite all the things you need. The free space is pertinent to small homes as they are more prone to becoming easily cluttered and a hassle to move around. Keeping the floor clear and free instead gives the impression of a bigger and less confined space.

My Reno Diary half frosted kitchen divider

Using a glass door and half frosted window as the dividers for the kitchen, the playful design captures a more cheerful and carefree moment in time as the kitchen stays beyond the glass fixtures. The dining space is kept cosy, with a simple 4 legged table set up, there are no frills or airs of perceived complexity, setting the stage for a comfortable and relaxed meal.

My Reno Diary simple kitchen scheme

Similarly, the kitchen is kept neat and simple. With just a classic layout of overhead cupboards and pull out drawers, the lack of frills actually makes the kitchen less intimidating to walk into. With flushed in cupboard doors sporting a glazed finish, the glossy look to the kitchen keeps it looking sparklingly clean at all times. While white is notorious for staining, being able to keep the kitchen looking spotless is a huge achievement (something you can easily show off). While this may be a high-risk-high-reward type of situation, the simple kitchen can quite quickly look impressive with this colour scheme.

My Reno Diary dual-colour scheme bedroom

The bedroom is another testament to how simple living can give you some pretty surprising results. With an almost exclusive dual-colour scheme, the bedroom takes on white and black in such a simple fashion that it pulls it off charmingly. From simple lines on the headboard, to the alternating colours on the drawers, this method takes this relatively simple style and allows it to stand out in the entire design.

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