Contemporary & Suave

Family friendly meets contemporary suave in this home designed for a young family. Children, especially young children can often be the bane of any nice home, whether its worrying about crayon marks on the wall or spills and stains over the sofa. But, with the right choice of materials and designs, this home manages to stay ahead of potential disasters while still keeping a lustrous appearance. The living room joins with the kitchen and dining space in this amazing blend, with an open styled kitchen with a dining table that stretches across the room, the expanded space feels spacious.

In removing the separating walls between the kitchen and living space, the benefits are multi-fold. Firstly, the little pockets of space between the furniture and the walls now combine together to become much more usable and inviting. The potential space in the room adds up to something more substantial, and this allows the once individually small rooms to become a lot bigger. The design has also allowed the supporting beams and walls to remain, not as an impedance to the room but with some creative design, it has become a feature wall for the family. With such strong words of encouragement on the wall, the home remains a warm and supportive space for developing children. 

The gorgeous waterfall design of the dining table creates the perfect harmony in the room. Matching the grey veined quartz with the pastel grey of the sofa, the congruency helps to integrate the two rooms as the lines between the segments blur even further.

Tan Studio kitchen

Brass finishes on the handles of the drawers elevate the pristine white drawers, giving them a much-appreciated boost in appearance. The cooking space is kept neat and tidy thanks to the abundance of storage space below the hob, giving greater freedom and flexibility when using the stove. With the kitchen and living space combined, the additional space in the kitchen has allowed the washer and dryer to be kept inside, keeping everything within the walls of the home.

Tan Studio deep drawers

Keeping the size of each drawer the same, the symmetry of the layout gives the room an elevated look. While deeper drawers are useful for larger pots and pans, some have been split to give multi-levelled storage space, perfect to store all your cutlery.

Tan Studio bathroom

While the toilets may have a small floor space, the clever use of side-by-side mirrors helps to create the illusion of a larger toilet. The borderless mirrors bounce light around the bathroom to give it that perfectly lit appearance. The abundance of shelves also gives enough space for all the storage needed, while the gentle yellow lighting keeps the room easy on the eyes.

Tan Studio bathroom with yellow brass

The other bathroom takes a much more energetic look which suits the 3 children in the family well. The electric yellow of the brass along with the playfulness of the exposed bulb lighting makes for a perky looking bathroom.

Tan Studio children's room

The children’s room keeps a warm yet cheerful disposition. Each child has their own cupboard, and with pull-out drawers under the bed, there’s more than enough space to go around. The night stand sits between the two beds and is a helpful storage space for the toys and stuffed animals when they aren’t being used.

Tan Studio study room

With 3 children its almost a necessary to have a room dedicated for them to study in. Converting one of the extra bedrooms into a study, there’s enough space for the kids and adults to use. From desks stretching across the room, to multiple shelving levels, the room is easily kept neat and tidy. The study has also been built connected to the master bedroom, making it easy to keep an eye on the children.

Tan Studio master bedroom

With a great location, the master bedroom has windows from two directions, giving it more than enough light and exposure. While the design is simple, it ahs been executed very elegantly. With pendant lighting falling from the ceiling and brass-like-gold finishes to all the metal work, it can be a very romantic setting.

Tan Studio walk-in wardrobe

Another bonus, with the extra space from combining the last bedroom with the master bedroom, there was enough left over to make a spacious walk-in wardrobe. Clothes hanging on the bottom and bags resting on the top shelves, you’ll find whatever you need with a stretch of hand.