Contractors frustrated over new regulations and tedious process before work can be done.

On 4th June 2020, Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah spoke on behalf of contractors and everyone in the same industry highlighting the difficulties and frustrations faced while trying to resume work.

Although most contractors were happy when they know they can resume operations during Phase 1, this happiness was short-lived. They find themselves in a tricky situation having to go through tons of procedures and checks before work can offically begin.

What are some of the issues that contractors have to deal right now?

  • More stringent dormitory requirements from MOM.
  • Compulsory swabbing tests
  • Compulsory Safe distancing officer (SDO) and Safe Management Officers (SMO)

So Lee Bee Wah has also made 3 suggestions to help the industry

  1. Request the government to bear all the swabbing test cost.
  2. Foreign Worker Levy to be waive off and rebate to extend till August
  3. More support for people in the construction industry such as consultants, engineers and technical officers.

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