Cool Hues On The Block

Contrary to popular belief, a home does not need to be minimalistic, bare, and absent of colour. It is a trend some people prefer, but your home should be an expression of your creative mind. Think about your favourite colours, fixtures, and textures. They can all come together beautifully with the help of an interior designer.

Livinci Interior wants to put your ideas into a workable concept for your home. Here, we unveil a gorgeous home located at 26B St George designed by them that highlights the unconventional colour palette made up of blues and browns.

Living room with navy blue strip on the ceiling

Upon entry, you’ll be directed by a navy blue strip on the ceiling towards the living room. On one side of the room, the blue strip takes a dip into an erected wooden wall, creating a unique, almost logo-like frame. To balance out the rich blues and browns, the floors are tiled with white marble with the adjacent wall painted white.

Blue hexagonal tiled cupboard

Before stepping into the living room, the vestibule that greets you upon arrival is another work of art. The floors look futuristic with hexagonal tiles double-lined in black, ushering you in. Behold the majestic blue minimalist storage cupboard. Zig-zagged by bright yellow lines, it is further enhanced by the track lights shining down upon it.

Wood grain feature wall

Here’s a closer look at the feature wall, where the ceiling strip meets the wall to carve out the letter ‘J’ diagonally. The creative play of the wood grain makes the wall feature interesting. The storage area below the console is enclosed by dark-tinted glass so it does not distract the eyes from the highlighted piece above.

Retro-styled dining area

The blues are also incorporated into a retro-styled dining area. Check out the booth seating bench complete with leatherback and retro grey swirl stools you’ll probably recall from ‘Grease’ the movie. The wavy panel light above, shining down on the glossy marbled tabletop is a super chic and super bright way to illuminate the space.

Built-in storage

At the corner of the living room, the built-in storage is built extended out from the storage space by the main door. This section is fitted with display space, so the owner’s favourite things can be put on show. Along with recessed lighting within the fixture, the collection shines.

Mirror at dining area

To open up the dining area, a large mirror is placed snugly from the top of the backboard up to the ceiling. Here, the browns and blues are still at work in all aspects of the interior.

Kitchen with blue cabinets and black countertop

The kitchen ushers a new, lighter shade of brown. It gives the space a softer, homier vibe as it contrasts beautifully with the blue bottom cabinets and black countertop.

Walk-in closet

This impressive closet space looks deep in, but wait, it is due to the mirror placed at the end of it that elongates the space. The floor to ceiling walk-in wardrobe is illuminated from within. Lined with LED strips, the closet is also illuminated by track lights that shine on both the left and right columns

Sliding door wardrobe

The sliding door closes off the wardrobe completely, so all you see is the vanity table paired with a dark brown leather upholstered swivel chair. To separate the bedroom into three different areas, the bed space is elevated.

Master bedroom

Inspired by Japanese architecture, the bed space is made to look like a futon laid on a light brown wooden floor. The colours in the room are slightly brighter and warmer than the other spaces of the room, instilling peace and relaxation.

LED strips under stairs

LED strips are used underneath each stair step, beneath the television console and above the wooden headboard to introduce soft illumination to the bedroom.

TV in master bedroom

Here’s a cosy spot to snuggle up with a good show on the screen. With strip lights lined about the room, lighting can be adjusted to suit  the occasion.

Frosted glass doors bathroom

The frosted glass door opens to a classy, minimalist bathroom. The marble basin and black ball-faucet amps the luxury of the room. Furnishings are put together to hide away the pipes and other connections, keeping it spotless and organised.

If you are loving this design and how innovative Livinci Interior was with this home project, imagine what they can do to your home. Colours, out of the ordinary elements, and other inspirations are welcomed. Ask them for a quote here.

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