Couch Styles For Your Home

So many couches with so many styles. We know that it is difficult to choose a couch that will suit your home. No one wants to spend extra money buying another couch just to match their home so here are some couch styles to help you out. Remember though that there is no rule as to which couch is exactly fit for a theme. It depends on your personal style and you may find that an unlikely style fits your home perfectly!

Chaise Style

A more contemporary style, these chaise style couches have gained popularity over the years and are used commonly in modern, contemporary and industrial themed homes. It is the classic lounge chair for your home. If you are uncertain about which style to choose, this is the style you can never go wrong with!

chaise style couch
chaise style couch
chaise style couch

Cabriole Style

Cabriole style couches have curved legs and an 18th century style fringe. This cozy couch will encompass you with its arms, making you feel snug and warm. It is best used for eclectic home themes.

 Cabriole style couch
 Cabriole style couch
 Cabriole style couch

Chesterfield Style

With button tufting on the backrest of the couch and rolled arms, the chesterfield style will be guaranteed to make your house look more luxurious. They tend to come in leather so it is great for your home if you have pets and worry about maintenance! No more worry about fur and smell when you can just wipe the sofa down

Chesterfield Style white couch
Chesterfield Style grey couch
Chesterfield Style red couch

Tuxedo Style

Similar to the chesterfield style, the tuxedo too has button tufting on its back rest but instead has clean lines with no rolled arms. It comes in a geometric shape and can thus be great if you have children and worry about their safety. They would not be easily able to fall through the sides and there is great padding.

Tuxedo Style couch
Tuxedo Style white couch
Tuxedo Style yellow couch

Daybed Style

A popular choice for small apartments or apartments with one person living in it, the daybed style is a couch by day and a bed by night. This makes it easy to choose which function you need at different times. It is also popular among homes with regular guests who stay over as they will be well accommodated with a proper bed instead of a mattress on the floor.

Daybed Style couch
Daybed Style couch
Daybed Style white couch