How to Create Your Own Home Office

Even in bustling Singapore, working from home, is fast becoming a popular option for those who prefer to set their own schedules and work at their own pace. However, being successful in this area requires having a space that allows you to be productive and efficient. Consider these interior design tips to set up your very own office within your Singapore HDB.

Let Natural Light In

It might be easier to stack your desk against a wall or in a corner of your Singapore home, but some design experts say that this can hinder your productivity and leave you feeling a little demotivated. Instead, move your desk closer to the window and place it parallel to the window panes. This lets in lots of natural daylight, but also lets you take in the scene during your break time.

natural light at desk

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Store Your Belongings Creatively

Filing cabinets aren’t necessarily the nicest pieces of furniture for your Singapore home office, but you will need a place to store your files and documents. Instead, opt for storage spaces like magazine racks, or bookcases that are big enough to prevent overstuffing. If your office is in the guest bedroom in your Singapore HDB, then trick up the closet with an efficient shelving system, which doubles up as a great way to keep the kids out of your important paperwork and minimises clutter in your main workspace.

magazine rack

Greenery is Your BFF

Recent scientific studies by Exeter University show that plants can help boost your happiness. So put a small potted plant or succulent in either corner of your desk. You’ll find that it helps refresh you when you look up or take your breaks. Plus, it requires minimal care – all you’ll need to do is trim it occasionally and water it once a day.

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Thoughtful Personalisation

You’ll want to enjoy the time spent at your Singapore home workspace, so fill it will a few mementos or decorations. For example, if you love travel, you can frame a map of your favourite places and hang it on the wall that faces your desk. If you like quirky prints, you can buy some at affordable prices from online sites like Society 6, Threadless or Etsy and frame it up with cheap wall frames from Daiso. Keep it simple so you can rotate these decor items every time you need fresh inspiration.

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Hide Unsightly Cables

Nobody likes cables, but they are vital in setting up a functional office in your Singapore HDB. Start by making sure you have enough plug points close to your workspace. Then, label each one clearly and feed the cords into a desk grommet, which will help hide them under your desk. Underneath, organise them with tubing or a wire organiser that will help keep the cables off the floor.

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