Creating A Calm, Bright and Airy HDB Home

Renodots article- Creating A Calm, Bright and Airy HDB Home

If you’ve been house hunting and looking at interior designs, we are sure you have taken a fancy for a type of design, even if you don’t know exactly what you want. We at Renodots want to help you on your journey on discovering what it is you want for your home. If you want to create a home that is bright and airy, a place where you can feel calm after coming home from the hustle and bustle of climbing the corporate ladder, you can draw inspiration from this five-bedroom HDB at Compassvale Bow designed by Ataz Haus.

Okay, let’s do a quick quiz.

What comes to mind when you think of a pastel colour home?

Feminine? Suitable for young children? Amateur?

Ah, but this five-room HDB incorporates pastels in a way that opens up the home, making it look uncluttered, spacious and bright.

Ataz Haus - Living room

Welcome to the living room. It makes use of the U-shaped space, with seating area making up the ‘L’ adjoining the television console. All furnishings are pushed to the back, with ample space in the middle, creating a calm and airy ambience in this hdb home.

There is nothing dark and moody in this room. The feature wall where the television is maple coloured and the vinyl flooring is a light shade of honey. Fortunately, there is a lot of natural lighting coming from the end-to-end windows but to ensure there is always enough light, two-track lights are installed, with under cabinet lighting and additional LED lights in the decorative shelves.

Ataz Haus - Living room 2

Want storage? Want it done creatively?

How about a wooden deer bookshelf?

We love how this is positioned behind the sofa as it is a perfect confined space for toddlers and growing children to play. The plush chair is perfect for breastfeeding mommies and also children to take afternoon naps. Here is a makeshift nursery that is convenient as you can always keep a lookout for them in this open-concept home.

Ataz Haus - Living room 3

We’ve seen a fair share of whites and neutrals in this room, and here is a pop of pastel that does not reflect a “feminine” or “childish” space. The added colour brings a vibrant feel within the space.

The soft colours, fine textures and clean lines dominate the living space, making it breezy and cosy at the same time, making it a perfect place to entertain guests.

Ataz Haus - Living room 4

Zooming out, you can see how each space is sectioned without walls. From where the curtains are placed, to the impeccable colour coordination that brings the whole space together, we give this design an A+!

Ataz haus - dining area

Here’s a closer look at the dining area. Though this is closer to the entrance of the home, you will see it last. Your eyes will be captured by the colours at the seating area first. For continuity, these colours are reflected here; with pendant lighting, seating and tableware carrying a similar theme.

Ataz haus - kitchen

The kitchen is narrow and elongated, hence, using whites reflects more light, making the space look less claustrophobic. We love the clean lines that are almost identical on both sides, making it look longer than it is.

The devil is in the details. Did you notice that there is no hardware on all the cabinets? That is one trick to make your space look seamless.

Ataz haus - study area

This room is the total opposite of other spaces. Though the totality of the room is still white, here, you see the introduction of moody colours like black and a darker brown. The blinds are also black, dimming it further.

But hey, this is the “serious” room. You gotta make it feel that way!

Ataz Haus - bedroom

Do you remember the colours of the cushions in the living room?

The shade of orange is used in this room.

Check out how the coloured side of the room (the curtain) balances well with the neutral side (the white cupboards)? Again, no hardware is used – even on the floating bedside tables.

If you want that feeling of continuity in your home, take notice of these tiny details.

Ataz haus - bathroom

Last but not least is the bathroom. Whites are dominant here, from the under-sink cabinet to the tiled walls, everything is kept simple. No frills but bright and soothing. It is easy to clean and identify areas that are dirty.

It costs $50,000 to renovate this calm and airy five-bedroom HDB home, and it is pretty great considering how meticulously it was designed. If you love this interior design, don’t hesitate to contact Ataz Haus. They are committed to ensuring their clients receive the best through their innovative designs.

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