Creating a fully functional kitchen

November 9th 2022

Creating a fully functional kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any home. Kitchens are shared spaces for most families and see high traffic because well, food is quite the necessity. 

Because of the nature of cooking and baking and other food-related activities, it is crucial that homeowners ensure that kitchens have everything you need. You don’t want to be in a situation where you realise you don’t have enough storage space or that your cabinets don’t fit in with the rest of the kitchen. 

Hence, we have compiled some tips for you to take note of while designing your kitchen!

1. Plan the kitchen layout

The most important thing before doing, is planning. It may be quite an exciting journey to choose your cabinets, countertops and other small décor that you want your kitchen to have, but it may all go to waste without proper planning.

The most important thing you need to decide on is the layout. Where do you want your stovetop to be? Do you want an L, G or U-shaped layout? Where should your cabinets go and in what configuration? 

Most kitchens in new HDB flats have an open kitchen concept so that’s something you should probably keep in mind as well!

2. Look online for design inspiration

The Internet is an amazing place to draw inspiration from. There are countless of kitchen designs available with a quick Google search. 

You’ll definitely find one that you like the most and you can adopt some of the ideas in your own home. 

You can gain ideas on things like decoration, how your kitchen layout should be to maximise light, or the most efficient layout for those who cook very often. 

3. Source for handy kitchen gadgets 

You’d be surprised at some of the kitchen inventions over the years. Sometimes, you might find them in places that you don’t expect.

The easiest way to look for some useful kitchen gadgets is on e-commerce websites where you can read reviews and decide if the product is useful.

But, we do caution you to do this moderately because having too many kitchen gadgets cause cause your kitchen to look cluttered, especially if you end up not using them. 

4. Storage: cabinets, racks, trolleys

Storage is especially important in the kitchen where you have a wide category of things to store. From perishable food to liquids to bulky kitchen equipment, you must make sure that you have adequate storage space.

This may involve getting creative with your space. If your kitchen is smaller, you may not have the luxury of an expansive cabinet space. But, you can make use of carts or mountable racks that will give you the much needed extra space.

5. Ensure sufficient countertop space

Cooking is an extremely hands-on activity. It is also very hygienic. So, you should keep this in mind when planning your countertop space. 

It will be highly uncomfortable if you are constantly bumping into other things while working on your delicate meals. It will also be unhygienic if you have to use your countertop as storage space.

Thus, you should include the countertop space in your planning of the kitchen layout.

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