Creating a Peaceful & Calm Space – Home Decorating Tips

Some people have very active lifestyles and prefer their homes to be a safe haven and comfort zone. They want it to exude a sense of peace and calm instead of stimulating to the eyes.

Zen-inspired living room
Credit: Pinterest

One easy way to create a tranquil space is to adopt the principles of Zen which see simplicity as beauty. Zen-inspired homes make use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and appreciate simplicity in lines and colours. Everything is functional and add value to the space. For instance, the view from the window in the space is more important than the decoration you placed in that space.

 White spaces in living room
credit: pinterest

Zen appreciates white spaces and often they are left vacant for co-creations. Our home designs can have a negative effect on our mood. For instance, clutter and mess can make one anxious and frustrated, darkness can make one feel down, an overly bright space can trigger stress and a small room can make one feel claustrophobic.


Minimalist monochromatic living room
credit: Pinterest

Minimalism is keeping a space simple and uncluttered, bearing in mind less is more. Space is the breath of art. Clean lines, reductive, monochromatic palette and colours are used as accents.

Natural lit living room

Go for open floor plan, allow lots of natural lights and use simple furnishings, making sure your home is always free of unnecessary ornaments. Forms are very important in minimalism and shapes should be uncomplicated. Colours and textures should blend harmoniously and one should avoid using too many colours for the overall décor.

Muted colours and textures
credit: Pinterest

Earthly, muted colours like beige, light brown, grey and white give this visual effect. Zen-inspired homes always have ample closed storage as mess is kept out of sight, hence creating a clean look.


Natural light fowing in
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Clever use of natural light and the gentle flowing pattern of the sun through the rooms help your space appear airy and relaxing.

Lit candle
credit: Pinterest

Concealed lightings are good to create zen inspired homes as there is a subtle sense of serenity flowing through the space. Soft glow of candles is also good to add a sense of ease to any space.

Soft lighting
credit: Pinterest

Fluorescent and direct lights should be avoided as they are too harsh visually. Light is a stimulating agent and the brighter it is, the more stimulating it will be. Zen-inspired homes need calmer mood, so tone down the light source to create a cosy ambience.


Potted plants
credit: pinterest

Bring Zen into your home by enhancing your space with nature. Having plants at home is one easy way to create zen-inspired homes as the natural state of evoking a sense of serene and calmness in the mind and heart.

Bonsai plants
Credit: Pinterest

Avoid having flowers which require high maintenance. Bonsai plants and terrariums are good choices. They stand out against the white walls and soften the hard and cold edges. They not only eliminate the toxins from the air, they look as good as it feels.

Water fountain
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A water feature is another feature in a home that can create a calming effect, adding a touch of grace and softness to modern interiors. The sound of the kinetic sound of flowing water in its natural state is perfect for your zen-inspired homes.

Small water fountain
credit: Pinterest

Make that spot your comfort zone by placing a comfortable seat and cosy lighting; a corner of your home where work is not allowed. The main function is for relaxation.

Scent the air

Candle on tray
credit: Pinterest

The receptors in your nose have a direct route to the part of the brain affecting a sense of well-being. It influences our thoughts, moods, behaviour and memories. Many people can get happiness simple through scent. So scent the air of your home now.

Artwork or Wall murals

Wall artwork
credit: Pinterest

Artworks can create the desirable meditative mood in a space easily. For instance, Mandela designed artworks. These beautiful artworks signify balance which is essential in a zen living room. It is certain to quiet a busy mind at the end of a hectic day.

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