Creating a Safe Space for your Kids

If you are a looking to renovate your HDB flat with young kids in tow, you will be looking to incorporate a home design that not only suits yours and your spouse’s taste but also a space that is conducive for your kids to grow up in.

Living room with shelves

There are several things to consider in regards to creating a space that makes everyone happy. There are examples of the common living space being scattered with toys and used as a playroom for the children. This could create hazards in case someone, including the children themselves who might trip over their toys to an unsightly cluttered home.

In order to be able to create a creative and independent space for your kids, there are some things to take note of to make your new home safe for their sake.

Round out Sharp Edges

Table with round edges
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Keep sharp edges of your furniture safe from your little ones. But this does not mean you have to purchase only tables and chairs with round edges. Children love running around and they often are not observant when they are absorbed into play.

Their short build and heavier top means they could bump their heads into sharp edges of your table and tv consoles accidentally. Protect your kids from the potential of injuring their head or eyes by adding rubber bumpers to the edges of your furniture.

Secure hazard prone openings

Secure hazard prone openings

When it comes to childproofing your home, you need to secure furniture such as cabinets from the curious hands of your children. While buying drawers and cabinets with locks or securing them with safety latches is an ideal plan to include in your furniture purchase, remember these are not the only things that open.

Other things that open include toilet seats, which a curious toddle might just fall into, to refrigerators and other small door-like objects.

Forbidden Zones

Some places are just not for kids to enter. The danger zones include your bathroom and kitchen. It could also include your study room where you do not want your toddler in to look through your files.

While locking doors is one solution to prevent your young ones from entering, it is sometimes a hassle to carry keys around or to purchase a digital secure lock for the purpose. It might be a good investment to buy child safety gates instead to keep them at bay.

Windows are also a hazard for young children. Remember to keep chairs or tables away from the windows where children may crawl up and accidentally open the windows. You might want to consider getting window guards to deter potential accidents of your child accidentally falling out of the window, even though it prevents you from the verdant view outside.

Conceal Electric Sockets

Child touching electrical socket
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Children are curious and want to feel and touch everything to build their sense impression of the world around them. It may not be enough to arouse their curiosity and build their sense of touch with toys.

One of the most dangerous items in the home are electric sockets which are open for toddlers to touch. It would be dangerous if they stuck their fingers into the sockets and accidentally turn on the electric switch. Cover your wall sockets with electrical outlet covers.

Keep away hazardous items

There are many items that can be a choking hazard for your tykes and they include magnets, plastic bags, keys and it would be important to create storage for these small items to prevent your toddlers from getting to them. Also hazardous are makeup and medicine which can appear to look like candy or toys to play. House plants which are potentially toxic should also be kept out of reach.

Mark Glass Doors and keep glasses away

Glasses are especially dangerous and we may sometimes forget to take our used glasses or mugs to the kitchen after use, allowing toddlers to get to them. The fragility of glasses and the results that come from being cut by glass fragments brings undesirable consequences and you would not want to imagine if the pieces get into your kids’ eyes.

Keep classes in tall places where toddlers cannot reach. Also add a marking on your glass door at your toddler’s height in case your child might walk into it causing a bruise to the head.

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