Creating a pet space in your home

Got a pet at home? They are not just animals that stay home but are also our close companions and family. So why not make them feel comfortable too? You can take steps to make your home friendly to both humans and animals. Here are some ideas you can adopt to create a pet space in your home

Use Pet-Friendly Materials

The first step you can take is to use pet-friendly materials in your furniture. Choose materials that are stain, smell and bacteria resistant such as microfiber, Ultrasuede and Crypton. You can also choose materials that are easy to clean and durable such as distressed leather for a hassle free couch. For rugs, look for short, cut pile carpets or natural fibre rugs that are easy to clean on a daily basis.

 distressed leather couch
 cut pile carpets or natural fibre rugs

Chic Beds

There is no need to hide the ugly bed your pet is using. Invest in chic beds that are fashionable and will blend in with the rest of your furniture. They will act as both an accent piece and your pet’s resting place. This will be a good way to add your pet into the living room scene.  

dog's resting place
cat's resting place

Multipurpose Furniture

Use multipurpose furniture that can be used by both your pet and yourself. For cats, you can use a cat-friendly bookcase, cat tables, cat-friendly chairs, sofas with cat tunnels and cat walk playground. For dogs, you can adopt a couch with a kennel to make them feel more comfortable in social situations as well! You can also place food bowls in strategic places such as under the kitchen counter and hidden under a cupboard or inside a drawer.

food bowls under kitchen counter
cat walk playground

Proper Canisters

Pour your pet’s dry foods into a canister and get rid of those unsightly bags. Store them properly in airtight canisters to maintain its freshness. You can place them almost anywhere in the house where they are most likely needed without worrying about presentation.

Proper food Canisters
Proper food Canisters

Create a Corner

Sometimes creating a corner where they will be comfortable in is the best solution for each party’s privacy. Whether it is under the stairs, in a small corner of the room, in the laundry area or under an unused fireplace, create a space where they will be able to retreat in when needed. Just don’t make it too cosy or else they won’t come out!

cat play corner
dog rest corner

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