Creative Alternatives to Typical Headboards

Typical Headboards

Everyone knows the main piece of furniture in the bedroom lies in its name – the bed. And while everyone cares about which bed to get, maybe some attention should be given to the headboard as well. A great headboard could change the whole ambience of the bedroom and even act as additional storage space. So here are some ways to up your game in the headboard department


headboard as room divider

Not everyone has their beds against the wall. If your bedroom happens to function as a work room or closet as well, why not use your headboard as a room divider to mark the separate spaces?


headboard storage
functional headboard

Everyone could use a little more storage space and we’re here to give you the solution! Get more storage space in your bedroom with a beautiful and functional headboard equipped with cupboards and drawers. You can even make it a room divider as well! Storage, room divider and eye-candy – a triple threat!


wooden headboard
wooden headboard
wooden traditional headboard

By bringing in wooden elements to your bedroom, you can change the ambience and create a more rustic and down-to-earth atmosphere. Darker wood can make your room look more industrial while lighter wood would be fantastic for a scandinavian look. You can even go for a more traditional, zen-type atmosphere with an elaborately carved piece of wood. No matter what, a wooden headboard is a simple yet fabulous way to jazz up your room!


unique shelving

Make your bedroom look extra-chic by replacing the typical headboards with a unique shelving system that is both sleek and functional!