Creative ways to display your books

Are you a bookworm? Too many books that need organising? No one likes a cluttered home so why not have some fun with it? Here are some ideas for you to display your books for everyone to see!

Creative Bookshelves

There are increasingly more unique bookshelves that act as an accent piece and to help you read more often!

Creative Bookshelves 1
Creative Bookshelves 2
Creative Bookshelves 3

Picture that worth a thousand words

Everyone says a Picture is worth a thousand words, so why not put a thousand words into a frame? Place books in a frame or frame up a book shelve to follow this idea.

frame up a book shelve

A string of lights

There is no better way to draw attention to your collection of books than to light it up. With fairy lights being a popular choice to decorate a room, you can use them to decorate a book shelve by placing a string of lights around and within shelves.

fairy lights on bookshelf
fairy lights on bookshelf

A rainbow of colours

If you own a collection of books with a variety of colours, you might want to think of organising them based on colours. Create a spectrum of the rainbow by arranging them in order and you will create a lovely accent shelf full of books.

collection of books with a variety of colours
colour themed books

Side table

If you have a few books that you absolutely love, you can create a side table by stacking them up next to your bed. It will be easy to grab a good book before you go to bed and will express your love for reading.

Side table
Side table

Create a nook

Remember that scene from Beauty and the Beast when Belle entered the Beast’s grand library? Fill your children with that same sense of wonder and excitement for reading by creating a small nook full of books and a comfy place to sit for hours.

reading nook
reading nook


If you have children and want them to read spontaneously, create child-friendly shelves by inverting wall shelves and placing bars so that they are reachable for children and safe. It will be a great way to encourage them to pick up a book daily.

 inverting wall shelves and placing bars
wall book shelf

Under the stairs

Dress up your plain stairs with storage for books! You can place shelves at the back, create hollow boxes on the side or create an accent wall of books next to them.

accent wall of books
accent wall of books